Motorola Edge Plus Won’t Charge? Follow this

When attempting to connect your phone to a charger, are you having issues? Since you won’t be able to do anything without a charged phone—not even make a call or check the time—you must act immediately in such circumstances. Therefore, a quick remedy is needed for your Motorola Edge Plus that won’t charge. Here’s how to actually resolve this problem.

How To Fix Motorola Edge Plus Won’t Charge Issue?


Restarting the phone is the first line of defence if it isn’t charging for some reason. You won’t even be able to imagine all the problems that can be solved with a quick reboot. So give it a shot and see if it helps.

Use Safe Mode [ Motorola Edge Plus Won’t Charge ]

Safe Mode, out of all the bootable partitions on your Motorola Edge Plus, enables device troubleshooting while blocking all third-party programmes. Yes, Safe Mode temporarily blocks all third-party apps, creating a sandboxed environment. so that you can identify problems.

It turns out that if a third-party app was the cause of the problem in the first place, you shouldn’t be able to charge the phone. In this situation, you can restart the phone normally. After that, try deleting recently installed programmes; this ought to solve the problem. Even in safe mode, the phone should still be charged if it won’t charge otherwise.

Are you using the original Charger/Cable?

You should be aware that the Motorola Edge Plus can only be charged with an original charger and cable. because using a local or third-party charger or cable is not advised by OEMs or industry experts. On a smartphone, this may potentially result in freezing problems. And for that reason, you ought to always choose a genuine charger.

Verify the Charging Adapter [ Motorola Edge Plus Won’t Charge ]

Checking whether the charging adaptor is functional is the first step in identifying hardware problems. Shaking the adapter physically is the first step in determining whether anything is loose. The adapter may be defective or should not be able to supply the necessary current.

Change to a different adapter if you have one while keeping the same device. then observe whether or not the phone starts to charge. If the changed adapter caused a problem, it should charge now. However, if another component is broken, it won’t charge.

Verify the Charging Cable

Next, you should determine if there is a problem with the charging cable. You should be aware that the charging cable is frequently used improperly, whether it be by stretching, twisting, compressing, or bending it while the phone is charging. The cable’s internal wires could break as a result of all these mysterious pressures, rendering it incapable of carrying current.

You might be experiencing the Motorola Edge Plus won’t charge issue because of this. The typical solution is to replace the damaged cable with a new (or even an old but functional) one. You’ll quickly be able to determine whether the move was successful or not. If not, carry out the following step in the troubleshooting process under the assumption that the original cable is in flawless operating order.

Verify the Charging Port [ Motorola Edge Plus Won’t Charge ]

Next, might there be a problem with the Motorola Edge Plus’s charging port? It turns out that if the charging port comes in contact with water, it could rust or corrode. If there is debris, pocket lint, or dust within the port that prevents the charging pin (male side of the cable) from attaching to the charging port, there is another situation where it won’t function (female side on the phone).

It seems that you can use a sharp tool like a needle to clean the port of some debris. A lot of punctures, though, will harm the port, so be careful. You will need to get it replaced if it is rusty or if the interior pins are harmed or deformed. If you have the knowledge, you can accomplish it on your own. However, if you want to get it fixed, we still advise visiting a service centre.

Could it be a Software bug?

You could test out your Motorola Edge Plus using an app called Ampere to test the levels of charging and discharging apart from battery health. It could be a minor issue.

Since you are looking for solutions to the Motorola Edge Plus won’t charge issue, a software flaw also needs to be corrected. Updating every programme on your Motorola Edge Plus is the best approach to make sure there isn’t a software bug. Furthermore, the Android firmware must also be upgraded. Of course, the latter has a support period, and once that time has passed, Motorola Edge Plus will no longer receive updates. However, you may at least make sure that all the programmes are periodically updated.

firmware for Android: Navigate to Settings > About Phone > Software Updates. Verify for updates.

When it comes to applications: Access the Google Play Store Enter “Manage applications and devices” and select “Update All.”

Check if it’s the Battery [ Motorola Edge Plus Won’t Charge ]

Despite its strength, the battery in your phone has a lifecycle, which means that after a certain number of charges and discharges, its performance begins to decline. This explains why, when purchasing a phone for the first time, you wouldn’t obtain a SoT of 6 hours on a 100% battery on Day 100 as opposed to Day 1.

The Motorola Edge Plus won’t charge could be a result of the same problem because battery performance declines throughout the course of each lifecycle. If your Motorola Edge Plus has a non-removable battery, you should take care of it and always seek professional assistance rather than attempting to yank the battery out on your own because doing so will frequently cause damage to the battery.

Verify water, physical damage, or other damages

For what it’s worth, water can make a phone useless if it gets deep inside the vital components of a smartphone. Similar to this, a hard fall on concrete might result in major physical harm. Your Motorola Edge Plus may not be charging for a variety of reasons, including this. Since it cannot be used because it is not charged, you must move quickly.

Since the majority of phones now feature non-removable back panels, we advise visiting a service centre in such situations rather than attempting to open the device. If you don’t have the right tools, you’ll wind up doing more harm. Therefore, a technician or a large gun is advised to be called in. Contacting a nearby authorised or local service centre for help should solve the problem.

Wrapping Up

This concludes our analysis. We believe you now fully understand how to repair your Motorola Edge Plus’s charging issue.

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