Mobile Data not working on Samsung Galaxy A71? Ways to Fix

Do you want to browse your Instagram for a moment? Maybe send a short WhatsApp message to your friend? Or maybe you could trade stocks on the National Stock Exchange? All of this needs a connection to the internet, and what smarter method to get one than through mobile data if there is no Wi-Fi available? It seems that your Samsung Galaxy A71 does not enable Mobile Data or Cellular Data. It either does not turn on or turns on but the internet does not work. What exactly is going on?

Could you be having one of the most vexing issues in the world, notably mobile data not working on your Samsung Galaxy A71? That looks to be the case, and you should solve it as soon as possible. You’ve come to the right place so we’ll show you how to repair mobile data not working on your Samsung Galaxy A71 difficulties so continue to read.

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How To troubleshoot Mobile Data Not Working On Samsung Galaxy A71?

Toggle Mobile Data

It is unquestionably doubt the most direct method of troubleshooting you have ever tried. You only have to turn off your phone’s mobile data. Wait a few seconds before switching it on. That is all you can do. This should repair any unexpected problems with the software or network capabilities of your phone.

Toggle the Airplane Mode switch [ Mobile Data not working on Samsung Galaxy A71 ]

Did the first method not work? This technique could be employed to resolve any temporary mobile data problems on your Samsung Galaxy A71. When you go to flight mode, you instantly transform off all external connections. This method is widely used to resolve any network-related issue, and you must use it as well. Keep it turned on for a few seconds and afterward turn it off to see whether mobile data works.

Verify if you have run out of data

If you watch a lot of movies or play games using mobile data, you may run out of impact on specific on your data limit for the day. Because not all carriers give out notifications when you are approaching or have exceeded your data limit, it is simple to go over. Check to determine if you still have data. If you want to use mobile data to access the internet on your smartphone, you must buy more data.

Verify the current Network Preference/Mode

Your Samsung Galaxy A71 is connection dependent, so it might be 2G only, 3G/4G only, 4G only, and so on. It turns out that if you are just connected to 2G or 3G and want to link to 4G, you will be unable to do as the settings do not sign up for future versions. Of course, if you have a 5G phone, you can sign up for 5G service as well, although the majority of devices are just 4G compatible.

To do so,

  • First of all, open Settings >> Tap on Network & Internet.
  • Next, click on “Mobile Network >> then tap on Preferred Network Type”.
  • Select the suggested network type so the system automatically signs up for the available network.

Remove SIM card and re-insert [ Mobile Data not working on Samsung Galaxy A71 ]

Smudges and scuffs might lead a SIM card to malfunction since, at the end of the day, it is an integrated chip. Scratches can occur if you repeatedly remove and insert SIM cards or other allergens that cause abrasions.

  • Firstly, Turn ON flight mode and keep it enabled.
  • Next, turn off your device (Samsung Galaxy A71).
  • Remove the SIM card, then wipe it with a damp & clean tissue or cloth.
  • Afterward, re-insert the SIM card and reboot the phone.
  • Then turn OFF the flight mode.
  • Check to see if this recovers mobile data access on your Samsung Galaxy A71.

Look for any intermittent issues

So your smartphone has a SIM or two, and you can’t use mobile data on one or both of them. What may be the problem? Why don’t you simply ask the provider? This issue might well be created by intermittent or temporary issues with mobile data or voice connectivity with the provider. Whether this is a persistent problem, probably switch to a different carrier and testing to see if the mobile data not working on your Samsung Galaxy A71 is still intact.

Reset APN Settings [ Mobile Data not working on Samsung Galaxy A71 ]

Your smartphone does not start working on mobile data immediately, giving internet access, but there are various options to consider. All of these choices go under Access Point Names (APNs), which also includes port, IP address, getaway, and so on. It turns out that incorrectly adjusted APN settings might momentarily render mobile data or other products useless or unstable. However, replacing them solves the problem.

  • First of all, go to Settings and open SIM & network Settings >> choose a SIM card (if you have dual SIMs).
  • Next, Proceed to Access Point Names.
  • Here you will see three dotted vertical lines/cogwheel options somewhere against the selected APN, so click on it and enter the “Reset to default” option.

Set APN to IPv4/IPv6 [ Mobile Data not working on Samsung Galaxy A71 ]

On some Android smartphones, you could modify the APN protocol, enabling you to choose between IPv4 and IPv6, or both, which would be immediately adjusted. The same choices are available in the Settings app. Here’s how to alter it.

  • Open Settings >> click on SIM & network settings >> then select the SIM card >> Access Point Names and click on the APN mentioned to edit.
  • Just go to “APN protocol” and set it to “IPv4/IPv6” regardless of what it is set to.
  • Check to see if your cellular data is now functional.

Clear Cache partition

The cache is what your system utilises to boot up and run programmes faster than they are enabled on retrieval. However, the cache can create more issues than you might think. In reality, it is at the root of the bulk of the issues, such as phone latency or freezing, unresponsive screen, performance problems, frame dropouts, WiFi or other functions not working, and so on. You should erase the cache partition on your Samsung Galaxy A71 in order to fix any negative impacts. Here’s how it should be done.

You will presumably need to boot into recovery mode to accomplish this, so do so.

  • Switch off your Samsung Galaxy A71.
  • Depending on the brand and model of your phone, you must press and hold either Power + Volume UP or Power + Volume DOWN until the phone resets and goes into recovery mode, at which time you should release the buttons.
  • The next step is to wipe the cache partition using the volume rockers as navigation controls and the power button as the selecting key.

Reset handset’s Network Settings

Maybe you or another individual changed the network configuration on your phone, or it occurred by mistake. In any case, resetting it to its normal settings should fix the issue. This is how.

  • To start, open Settings >> go to System >> Reset Options.
  • Then Reset “Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth.”
  • Choose the SIM card and tap on “Reset Settings”.
  • Lastly, submit the PIN/Password if asked and you will able to put the settings to reset.

Seek assistance [ Mobile Data not working on Samsung Galaxy A71 ]

Can’t figure out what’s totally incorrect? You must be able to get help from a technician at a nearby serving area (ideally an approved one). Yes, you can go to a local service centre, but do so at your personal risk.

Wrapping Up

That’s how you solve the Mobile Data not working issue on your Samsung Galaxy A71.

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