Mobile Data not working on Samsung Galaxy A02s? Ways to Fix

In a moment, could you try checking your Instagram? Send a quick WhatsApp message to a friend. Alternatively, you may be looking to trade stocks on the NYSE. Of course, you won’t be able to accomplish any of that without access to Wi-Fi, but using your mobile data plan is your best bet. There is a problem with the Samsung Galaxy A02s cellular data and mobile data services. Either it won’t turn on at all, or if it does, it won’t establish a network connection. To put it simply, what is happening here?

Among the many frustrating issues that might arise, Samsung Galaxy A02s users’ inability to access mobile data stands out as particularly vexing. In such a case, it’s something you should look into right now. Those of you facing problems with mobile data on your Samsung Galaxy A02s have landed at the right place. Here, you’ll find all the information you need to restore its functionality.

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How To resolve Mobile Data Not Working On Samsung Galaxy A02s?

First is toggling Mobile Data

If you’ve ever seen a solution to a repair problem, this is it. Turning off mobile data will solve the problem. You need a little pause from repeatedly pressing the on button. The alternative is to do nothing. At this moment, you shouldn’t experience any more problems with your device’s software or network connection.

Second is toggling Airplane Mode [ Mobile Data not working on Samsung Galaxy A02s ]

You gave it a go, but you realized it wasn’t going to cut it, right? This fix can be used if your Samsung Galaxy A02s suddenly stops picking up cellular data. When an electronic gadget is put into “airplane mode,” all external connections are severed. For this reason, you should try this strategy the next time your network acts up. Turning on your mobile data for a brief period of time before turning it off again will allow you to test it.

Test if you have run out of data

A person’s daily data limit might be quickly depleted if they stream several films or play various games on their mobile device(s) every day. The reason it’s so easy to go over your data limit is that not all service providers notify you when you get close to it. Investigate whether any data is still accessible. If you want to use the internet on your phone, you’ll have to pay for more data.

Test the current Network Preference/Mode

Whether your Samsung Galaxy A02s can access 2G, 3G, 4G, or some other speed is dependent on the sort of network you are connected to. A 2G or 3G subscription will not allow you to access 4G since the settings do not automatically upgrade to the next generation. Even though most new smartphones can only connect to 4G networks, you may still sign up for 5G service if you have a compatible handset.

Here’s how you can alter the settings.

  • Proceed to “Settings” >> “Network & Internet” to begin configuring your network and internet connection.
  • After that, go to “Mobile Network >> Preferred Network Type” and pick the network you’d want to use.
  • A device will automatically connect to the best available network if you choose the one it suggests.

Remove SIM card and re-insert [ Mobile Data not working on Samsung Galaxy A02s ]

Scratches and scuffs can cause permanent damage to the integrated chip in a SIM card. Constantly inserting and removing SIM cards and other similarly abrasive devices can cause scratches.

  • Put it in “aeroplane mode,” and then forget about it.
  • Turn off the Samsung Galaxy A02s.
  • Remove the SIM card and carefully wipe it off with a tissue or cloth, careful not to destroy any data.
  • Try again after reinserting the SIM card.
  • You should then go ahead and turn off airplane mode.
  • Check whether your Samsung Galaxy A02s mobile data connection is operational after taking these steps.

See if there is any intermittent issues

Your phone supports two SIM cards, but you can only use one of them to access mobile data or neither of them at all. Really, what could go wrong? If you want to know, you might try calling the service provider. Possible causes include carrier-side issues with mobile data or phone connectivity, which occur on rare occasions but may be rather annoying. Find out whether your Samsung Galaxy A02s are still experiencing issues with mobile data after moving providers.

Reset APN Settings [ Mobile Data not working on Samsung Galaxy A02s ]

Before you can utilize mobile data to connect to the internet with your phone, you’ll need to adjust a few settings. All of these settings—the port, IP address, escape, and so on—are rolled into what is called Access Point Names (APNs). If the APN settings are altered by mistake, mobile data and other services may be temporarily unavailable or unstable. However, this issue can be resolved if the broken parts are repaired.

  • You may change your SIM and network preferences by opening the Settings app (if you have dual SIMs).
  • Next up is the section dedicated to AP-style names.
  • If the APN you’ve chosen has three vertical dots or a gear icon next to it, you may use that to reset the settings to their default values.
  • That should be plenty under most circumstances.

Reset APN to IPv4/IPv6 [ Mobile Data not working on Samsung Galaxy A02s ]

While most Android devices will use both IPv4 and IPv6 by default, you may be able to modify the APN protocol to use only one of these if you so want. In a similar vein, the app’s Settings menu gives several personalization options. Some of these are possible methods of improving it.

  • You may change the Access Point Names (APNs) by accessing your smartphone’s SIM & network settings menu and then tapping the SIM card.
  • You should now scroll down and change the “APN protocol” to “IPv4/IPv6” if it is not already.
  • Verify that mobile data is functioning properly.

Clear Cache partition

When an application is launched, it is executed from the cache so that it may begin processing data as rapidly as possible. However, there are many unexpected problems that might arise from caching. In actuality, it is the source of the great majority of problems, such as the phone being slow or frozen, the screen being unresponsive, performance issues, frame dropouts, WiFi or other capabilities not working, and so on. The ill effects of this may be eliminated by emptying the cache partition on your Samsung Galaxy A02s. These are the measures to take.

This looks to need entering recovery mode; please proceed as directed.

  • The Samsung Galaxy A02s must be put into standby mode.
  • To enter recovery mode, press and hold the power button and either the volume up or down keys until the device reboots.
  • The volume buttons let you navigate to the cache partition, while the power button validates the cache’s removal.

Reset the phone’s Network Settings

Your phone’s network settings may have been intentionally or accidentally changed. If it doesn’t work, restoring factory settings should do the trick. This is the procedure.

  • Choose System from the Settings menu to get the Reset Settings option.
  • Wi-Fi, mobile, and Bluetooth settings may all be reset.
  • Once you’ve located the SIM card whose settings you want to delete, click the “Reset Settings” button.
  • If you need to change any preferences, enter the PIN/Password when requested.

Ask for help [ Mobile Data not working on Samsung Galaxy A02s ]

It’s strange that you can’t figure out what’s wrong. You should consult a professional at a local service center, preferably with formal recognition. You could take it to a local service center, which might void your warranty.

Wrapping Up

And that’s how you resolve the Mobile Data not functioning on your Samsung Galaxy A02s.

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