Mobile Data not working on Google Pixel 6? Ways to Fix

Would you like to take a quick look at your Instagram? Maybe send a quick text to a friend on WhatsApp? Or maybe trade stocks on the National Stock Exchange? However, all that requires an internet connection, and there’s no better way to get mobile data unless you have Wi-Fi handy. Turns out Mobile Data Or Cellular Data isn’t working on your Google Pixel 6. It either isn’t turning ON or turns ON but the internet isn’t working? What’s happening exactly?

If your mobile data on your Google Pixel 6 is not working like it should be, it can be frustrating. Luckily, we’ve done a bit of research and found out some solutions to fix this problem. We will be briefing you on how to fix mobile data not working on your Google Pixel 6 problems so read along.

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How To Fix Mobile Data Not Working On Google Pixel 6?

Toggle Mobile Data

Definitely it is the easiest of troubleshooting methods you might have ever tried. Just simply turn off your mobile data on your phone. Wait for a few seconds before turning it ON. That’s pretty much all you can do. This will fix any bug related to the software or network capability on your device.

Toggle Airplane Mode [ Mobile Data not working on Google Pixel 6 ]

The first method didn’t go as planned, did it? You can use this method to fix any temporary mobile data not working on your Google Pixel 6. When you engage in airplane mode, you can literally turn off all your external connections. This is widely used method for solving any connectivity problems, so it’s something that you should do too. Keep it engaged for a few seconds and disengage it to check whether mobile data works or not.

Are you running out of data?

If you’re someone who streams a lot of videos or plays games on mobile data, there are chances that you’ll run out of data limit. However, some carriers don’t send notifications when you’re nearing the end of your data limit, so it easy to go over the limit. Check and see you still have data left or not. If you need more data, buy more using the app on your phone.

Check the current Network Preference/Mode

It’s recommended to match the net-type of your Google Pixel 6 with your current data so that it’ll be able to work efficiently. However, if you’re on a network type that only supports 2G or 3G and try to connect to 4G, you won’t be able to do so because settings don’t allow for further generations. Of course, if you have a 5G phone, you can sign up with 5G as well while the majority of devices are 4G compatible only.

Here’s how you can change the settings.

  • First up, go to Settings >> Network & Internet.
  • Next up, tap on “Mobile Network >> Preferred Network Type”.
  • You need to select the recommended network type so that the system will automatically sign up for the network available.

Remove SIM and re-insert

SIM card malfunctions can happen due to external factors like scratches and scuffs. This can happen if you take off the SIM card, or if it’s exposed to other irritants that cause abrasions.

  • Turn ON airplane mode and keep it enabled.
  • switch off your Google Pixel 6.
  • Remove the SIM card and wipe it with a clean tissue or cloth but don’t abrase it much.
  • Re-insert the SIM card and reboot the phone.
  • Next, turn OFF the airplane mode.
  • Check if this restores mobile data access on your Google Pixel 6 Or not.

Check for any intermittent issues

So, your phone has a SIM or two and you aren’t able to use mobile data or one or both. What could be the problem? As it turns out, there could be intermittent or temporary mobile data issues, it might be because the carrier was unable to establish a connection on the network. You can call them up if you’re having this trouble and they can help you get sorted out. If you’re facing this issue for a prolonged period of time, consider switching carriers and verifying if the issue still exists.

Reset APN Settings [ Mobile Data not working on Google Pixel 6 ]

When you set up your smartphone to use mobile data, there are a whole number of settings at play. All these settings come under Access Point Names (APNs) which include port, IP address, getaway, etc. Without getting them all adjusted, your phone won’t even be able control Internet on mobile data. Fixing them does the trick though.

  • First up, open Settings and go to SIM & network Settings >> select a SIM card (if you have dual SIMs).
  • Proceed to Access Point Names.
  • You will find three dotted vertical line or cogwheel options somewhere against the selected APN so tap on it and hit the “Reset to default” option.
  • That should do the job.

Set APN to IPv4/IPv6

You are able to change the APN protocol on selected Android smartphones which allows you either to select IPv4 or IPV6 or both which is automatically adjusted. You will find the same settings in the Settings app itself. Here’s how to change those settings in your Android smartphone..

  • Navigate to Settings >> SIM & network settings >> select the SIM card >> Access Point Names and tap on the APN mentioned to edit.
  • Scroll to find “APN protocol” and set it to “IPv4/IPv6” irrespective of what it is set to.
  • Check if the mobile data is working now or not.

Clear Cache partition [ Mobile Data not working on Google Pixel 6 ]

When your device gets too cluttered and overwhelmed, it slows down and becomes more frustrating to use. However, the cache can be the cause of problems you didn’t realize were happening before. For example, your phone lags or freezes and even unresponsive screens start to occur, performance issues, frame drops, WiFi or other functions not working, and so on. There’s a cache partition on your Google Pixel 6 that you need to wipe which is how you will be able to eliminate any ill effects due to this. Here’s how you can do it about.

In order to do this, you will need to boot into recovery mode. Follow these steps:

  • Power off your Google Pixel 6.
  • As per your device make and model use, it is either Power + Volume UP or Power + Volume DOWN that you need to press and hold until the phone restarts and boots into a recovery mode that is when you leave the buttons.
  • Then proceed to wipe cache partition using volume rockers as navigational keys and the power button as the selection key.

Reset phone’s Network Settings

Is your phone’s network settings messed up? Either by you or someone or it happened mistakenly. In any case, resetting it to the default settings should do the trick. Here’s how.

  • Go to Settings >> System >> Reset Options.
  • Reset “Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth”.
  • Select the SIM card you want to reset and hit the “Reset Settings”.
  • Enter the PIN/Password if asked and you should be able to put the settings to reset.

Seek help

Don’t worry if you can’t figure out what’s wrong. A nearby service center (preferably an authorized one) should be able to help you solve your problems. Yeah, you can go to a service center but this may void the warranty so please make sure it is an authorized one.

Closing Words

And that’s how you fix the Mobile Data not working on your Google Pixel 6.

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