[Updated] Micromax IN Note 1 gets its first software update | Fixes these issues

[Updated] Micromax IN Note 1 gets its first software update | Fixes these issues

Micromax IN Note 1

[This story was originally posted on November 26th 2020 and is last modified on December 1st 2020]

Earlier this month, Indian brand Micromax made a comeback in its own country. They came up with two new smartphones in the new “In” lineup. These two devices are Micromax In Note 1 & Micromax In 1b. Now, interestingly a new software update containing fixes for several bugs and issues has just started to rollout for this newly available Micromax In Note 1.

Latest update includes security patch for the November 2020 month. But what’s more interesting is, it has mentioned improvements to carrier aggregation, camera, multi touch issue and fixes to other general bugs:

Tweet: Micromax In Note 1 Software Update

When Micromax made announcement of the mentioned device, we were waiting to see when it will be available to purchase for everyone. In general you can say we were waiting to see users feedback (as we’re focused on raising your issues instead covering news updates).

On Novemeber 24th company started to ship this device & since then we’re deeply focused on finding out what are user’s thoughts about it. We have already started to work on this topic & will publish a new dedicated article on it very soon.

It looks like company’s team in India is very serious about user’s feedback. That’s why they started to rollout first software update for their Micromax In Note 1 smartphone before customers feel disappointment. If you own this device then you can check for the system update manually in the settings of your phone.

We hope your device is working very well now.

Update (December 1st): As per the information posted by Micromax India on their official Twitter handle, currently above mentioned update is only available for select peoples like Bloggers/YouTubers. You can read more in details here.

Update (December 4th): Now it’s available for everyone


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