LG Velvet 5G not switching on? Follow these steps

When your LG Velvet 5G won’t turn on, we can relate to your suffering. This is the reason we made the decision to write an essay specifically on it. While we’ve done our best to troubleshoot in this article, keep in mind that without a display to work on, your options are severely constrained.

My LG Velvet 5G not switching on, What to do?

You might attempt the following techniques to resolve this problem:

Connect your phone to Charger

Keep your phone charging for at least 15-20 minutes when your LG Velvet 5G won’t turn on as the first step. Try to turn on your phone now to see if it turns on or not.

We advise checking the other ways listed below if your LG Velvet 5G is still not turning on.

Check charging cable [ LG Velvet 5G not switching on ]

The charging cable was more of an issue than the phone in several cases when the LG Velvet 5G was not turning on. Even with cable, there are a number of potential causes for your issue, including:

Broken cable:- It is well known that even the original cables included in the packaging have a breaking point. It is advised that you replace the cable right away if it is damaged.

Cable not supported:- When you recently replace the cable yet your LG Velvet 5G is not compatible with it, a different typical cable issue arises. It is usually advised to use the official cables that the smartphone manufacturer provides.

Cable not fitting:- Nowadays, it is rather normal to see a charger slide off the port. After prolonged use, this could occur with original cables. In light of this, it is advised to replace your LG Velvet 5G’s charging cable as soon as possible if it no longer fits properly.

Check Charging adapter

The adapter itself is the next potential culprit in the LG Velvet 5G not turning on problem after the cord. The adapter may occasionally experience issues, much like the charging cord does. Looking at the issue visually might not help us understand it. However, if there is no problem with the cable, the adapter itself should be examined next.

The simplest approach to determine this is to test out several adapters and see whether or not your Android phone is turning on. Buying the original supported adapter directly from the authorized brand is always preferable.

Power cycle [ LG Velvet 5G not switching on ]

If your phone has a removable battery, take it out and hold the power button for 30 seconds while holding the battery in place. Every phone circuit will lose power as a result. Put your battery back in and then switch on the device. Following this, you should have to have your phone turned on.

Try the Recovery mode approach if the first approach fails.

Boot your mobile into recovery mode. (Recommended for non-removable battery phones).

A switch must be in the off position for your LG Velvet 5G. Until your phone boots, press and hold the volume down key and the power button simultaneously. If you completed it successfully, you are now in recovery mode. Use the volume up and down keys to go to the options, and the power button to select them.

Press the power button to pick the wipe cache partition after using the volume keys to browse to it. New cache files will be produced when your phone’s cache has been cleared. After a brief period of inactivity, you should click the power button on your phone once more.

Try the final technique we’ve listed below if, unfortunately, your LG Velvet 5G is still having trouble turning on.

Factory reset

Important information: After a factory reset, all of the data and files on your LG Velvet 5G won’t be accessible. Therefore, before using this method, make sure you have a backup of your crucial files.

You need to enter Recovery mode again. To do it, press and hold both the volume down and power buttons at once. Your phone will enter Recovery mode shortly after that. You must now browse to the wipe data/factory reset option using the volume keys and choose it by pushing the power button.

Your phone’s data will now be completely erased. Keep your LG Velvet 5G switched off for a short period of time before attempting to turn it back on in the last stage.

We believe this has resolved your issue. If it still exists, we advise you to go to the closest authorised service facility.

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