LG V35 ThinQ Slow Charging? Here are some tips to fix it

The longest-lasting feature of a smartphone is its battery. Users of today are less likely to purchase a product if it has a limited battery life or takes a long time to charge. The LG V35 ThinQ’s sluggish charging concerns will be discussed in this post, along with potential fixes.

Problems with LG V35 ThinQ’s delayed charging: causes and remedies

Your LG V35 ThinQ is charging slowly for an unknown reason, however the following are some of the most plausible explanations:

1. No fast charging facility available [ LG V35 ThinQ slow charging issues ]

Every time we attempt to address a problem, we ought to start with the basics. If your LG V35 ThinQ is charging more slowly than you would have thought, examine if it supports fast charging.

This test can be disregarded if the issue is with a vintage gadget that was previously in good working order.

2. Issues with the charging cable

We discovered that charging issues with phones frequently had more to do with the charging cord than the device itself. There are numerous probable causes of your issue even without cable, including:

Broken cord: If your LG V35 ThinQ is having trouble charging quickly, always check the cable for any obvious problems. If the cable is broken, it is best to repair it right away.

Incompatible cables could cause further issues for the LG V35 ThinQ. Use the original wires that came with your smartphone, if at all feasible.

In light of this, as soon as you discover that your LG V35 ThinQ

Cable not fitting: After repeated use, original cables may no longer fit properly. Even though it doesn’t seem like the wire has been destroyed in this instance, it actually has. Therefore, you should swap out your LG V35 ThinQ’s charging cable as soon as you detect that it is no longer snugly fitting.

3. Issues with the charging adapter [ LG V35 ThinQ slow charging issues ]

If the cable is in good shape and a visual investigation is unable to determine the origin of the issue, the adapter should be examined. The quickest approach to figure this out is to test out different adapters.

It is recommended to replace the backup with a new one if it is operating flawlessly. Generally speaking, buying an original, supported adapter straight from the producer is better.

4. Issues with the power source

Each source of power produces an output that is highly distinct from the others. You shouldn’t assume that charging your gadget over the USB port on your laptop would take less time than utilising a power outlet.

When two separate wall plugs are involved, the output discrepancy could also be significant. Swings in voltage or broken wiring may be the cause of these problems. Therefore, just to be safe, consider charging your LG V35 ThinQ using a different outlet.

5. Deteriorated charging port [LG V35 ThinQ concerns with slow charging]

Frequently a tiny, delicate part of phones, the charging port. If you want it to live as long as it possibly can, you must be kind with it. But chargers are frequently connected improperly, which over time could harm the port.

So, even if you believe the charger and power supply are in good operating order, it is still a good idea to have it checked by a technical professional. Doing the repair yourself or at any unlicensed service locations is not advised. Look for licenced service providers if you need your equipment repaired.

A buildup of dirt could make correct functioning more challenging in addition to the usual harm. This device’s charging port needs to be cleaned.

But because the area is delicate, it is suggested that you exercise extra caution when washing it. Cleaning can end up harming the port, so consider getting expert help as well.

Any type of water damage, including a smartphone falling down a flight of stairs, was considered to have a damaged battery. Each of these situations has the potential to lead to a problem with delayed charging or something worse. So, give it legal status.

6. Aged or damaged battery

The LG V35 ThinQ’s battery is one important piece of hardware that will exacerbate the issue with delayed charging.

Old battery: Your smartphone battery is especially vulnerable to this. Your battery’s condition is constantly declining as you use it, despite the fact that the majority of devices won’t warn you of it. As a result, the battery’s age may significantly affect how well it functions.

The best course of action is to bring your device to an authorised service centre to get the battery changed.

7. Higher screen time

The amount of openness affects how long it takes to charge your LG V35 ThinQ. The slow charging issue is your fault if you frequently use your phone when it is plugged in. To maximise charging speed, always turn off the screen.

We hope this answers your query about the reason why your LG V35 ThinQ takes longer than usual to charge as well as any other connected issues.

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