LG Stylo 6 ghost touch issue? Try this to fix it

If you’re struggling with ghost touch on your LG Stylo 6, don’t worry, this article is especially for you. We’ve provided some solutions that might help you fix it.

Before moving on, let’s figure out what exactly this issue is:

What is a ghost touch issue on LG Stylo 6?

Ghost touch is a type of issue where your device operates on itself responding to touches, even when you didn’t actually make them. It can happen if your device has faulty software or some hardware-related problems, or because of the wet surface of the display or due to dust particles on the screen.

How do I fix ghost touch on the LG Stylo 6?

Follow these steps:

Remove Or replace your screen protector

This could help you to fix such an issue. Often the screen protector causes ghost touch problems, it’s because dust particles not just enter between the screen but also inside the screen protector, else it may happen due to the presence of some moisture in between the screen.

Force restart the device [ LG Stylo 6 ghost touch issue ]

The best solution to many common and minor issues with Android devices is a force restart. It will work for your LG Stylo 6, simply press and hold the power button, then press the restart button. This fixes some glitches present in the software.

Factory data reset

Factory resetting your device can solve the issue. However, before doing this make sure you have backed up your data. To do this,

Go to Settings > System > Advanced > Reset.

Change the Charger [ LG Stylo 6 ghost touch issue ]

Your LG Stylo 6 might experience a ghost touch issue due to a faulty cable or not having power through the adapter plugged into the device. After trying a different charger for a period of days, you can check if the issue is resolved or not.

Replace the Display Or Touch Panel

We’re recommending it as a final solution but this is something you can’t do on your own. In some scenarios the faulty display or touch panel could be the main problem for the ghost touch issue. 

The problem could be caused by a manufacturing defect, a small crack or some dust present in the display. None of the other solutions listed would be able to solve this problem.

Replacing a new display/touch panel can give you a permanent solution to the ghost touch problem. Foe that you have to visit the nearest authorized service center for the same.

In addition to the main points above, make sure to never use your phone with wet hands or dusty fingers. Always clean your phone’s display with a smooth material cloth. Never use your phone with wet hands and dusty hands. Protect it from rain and adverse weather conditions.

These are some methods to resolve your query, “How to fix ghost touch on LG Stylo 6.” We hope this was helpful!

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