LG Stylo 5 Slow Charging? Here are some tips fix it

The battery life of a smartphone is the attribute that users desire it to have the most. Using a device with a smaller battery or complaining about a phone that charges slowly is less common among modern consumers. In this article, we’ll cover the slow charging problems with your LG Stylo 5 and how to fix them.

Reasons and solutions for LG Stylo 5 slow charging issues

We are unable to pinpoint a single root cause specifically if your LG Stylo 5 is having problems with slow charging. However, we have listed below the most frequent causes of these issues:

1. No fast charging facility available [ LG Stylo 5 slow charging issues ]

When faced with a challenge, we should always start with the basics. If you think your LG Stylo 5 is not charging as rapidly as you would want, check to see if fast charging is supported.

If, however, the issue is with an outdated device that was previously in good working order, you can disregard this test.

2. Problems with the charging cable

We found that the charging cable was frequently to fault for the slow phone charging issues rather than the phone itself. There are numerous probable reasons for your issue, even with cable, including:

Broken cable:- Always inspect the cable for any visible problems if your LG Stylo 5 has a slow charging issue. If the cable is broken, it is suggested that you replace it immediately.

Cable not supported:- A second frequent problem occurs when your LG Stylo 5 is not compatible with the cord. Utilizing the official cables that the smartphone manufacturer supplies is typically advised.

Cable not fitting:- The original cables may exhibit this after prolonged use. Even though there might not be any obvious damage in this case, the wire has actually been damaged. Therefore, as soon as you realise that your LG Stylo 5 charging cable is no longer fitting properly, it is better to replace it.

3. Problems with the charging adapter [ LG Stylo 5 slow charging issues ]

Visual inspection might not identify the problem’s origin, but if the cable is in good condition, the adapter itself should be checked next. Testing out several adapters is the quickest way to figure this out.

If the backup is working without a hitch, it’s preferable to replace the old one with a new one. Typically, purchasing an original, supported adapter directly from the producer is preferred.

4. Issues with the power source

The output that each power source produces varies substantially. You cannot anticipate that your laptop’s USB port will charge your gadget more quickly than a power outlet does.

When there are two different wall sockets, the output disparity may also be a problem. Such problems can also be brought on by voltage variations or any wiring damage. Because of this, just to be sure, try charging your LG Stylo 5 by connecting it into a separate outlet.

5. Damaged charging port [ LG Stylo 5 slow charging issues ]

In most smartphones, the charging port is a tiny, delicate item. To gain the longest life possible, it is crucial to handle it gently. However, consumers frequently plug in chargers roughly, which may lead to damage to the port over time.

Therefore, if you think the charger and power source are in good working condition, it is best to have it verified by a technical expert. It is not recommended to handle the repair yourself or at any unapproved service locations. Always ask for the help of licenced service companies when having your equipment repaired.

In addition to typical damage, the accumulation of dirt could also impair appropriate operation. In this situation, you might find success by cleaning the LG Stylo 5’s charging port.

However, because the area is fragile, it is suggested that you clean it with additional care. Cleaning is a chance of harming the port, so consider getting professional assistance as well.

6. Aged or damaged battery

The battery itself is a significant piece of hardware that might cause delayed charging on the LG Stylo 5.

Aged battery:- Your smartphone’s battery is a prime illustration of how it wasn’t designed to last indefinitely. Even though most gadgets won’t let you know, your battery’s condition is always deteriorating as you use it. As a result, a battery’s age can have a big impact on how well it performs.

The best course of action is to bring your gadget to a certified service facility to have its battery changed.

Damaged battery:- This mentioned everything from a smartphone falling down a flight of stairs to standard water damage. In any of these circumstances, it might cause a billing issue that is delayed or something worse. Replace the original battery and formally change it to restore the former performance.

7. Higher screen time

The longer it takes to charge your LG Stylo 5, the more open it is. Therefore, if you frequently use your phone while it is plugged in, you are to blame for the sluggish charging problem. Always keep the screen off to get it charged quickly.

We trust you now have the answers to “Why is my LG Stylo 5 charging so slow?” and other related questions.

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