LG Stylo 5 ghost touch issue? Try this to fix it

Are you looking for a solution to your LG Stylo 5’s ghost touch issue? If that is the case, I wrote this post with your interests in mind. We’ve given you some ideas here that might help you solve these problems.

Let’s investigate the issue thoroughly before considering any other options:

What is the LG Stylo 5 ghost touch issue?

A “ghost touch” is when your device responds to touches that weren’t made by you. It could be caused by faulty software or hardware, the damp surface of a display, or dust particles on the screen.

How can the LG Stylo 5’s ghost touch be fixed?

Follow these steps:

Remove Or replace your screen protector [ LG Stylo 5 ghost touch fix ]

This may assist you in resolving such a issue. Dust particles entering the screen protector from between the screens frequently cause ghost touch issues. It could happen because the screen protector and the screen contain moisture.

Force restart the device

A force restart of Android is the best option for almost all common and minor issues. On your LG Stylo 5, press and hold the power and restart buttons simultaneously to initiate a restart. As a result, the program now has fewer problems.

Factory data reset

To resolve the issue, perform a factory reset. Perform a factory reset and ensure that you have a backup of your data before proceeding. Given this,

Go to System > Settings > Advanced to reset.

Change the Charger

The LG Stylo 5’s ghost touch issue may occasionally be brought on by the charger, despite the fact that it may appear to be unrelated. Yes, either the cable is broken or the charging adaptor does not have enough power. You can try using a different charger for a few days before deciding whether the problem has been fixed.

Replace the Display Or Touch Panel

Despite our offering it as the last option, you cannot do this on your own. The ghost touch issue may occasionally be brought on by a broken display or touch panel.

A minor manufacturing flaw, for example, could cause a fracture. Alternately, dust may be present on the display that cannot be removed with the aforementioned treatments.

The ghost touch problem can be fixed permanently by replacing your touch panel or display; Nevertheless, you must first go to a nearby authorized service facility.

Remember to occasionally clean the screen of your phone with a soft cloth, above all else. Never use a phone with dirty or wet hands. It shouldn’t be in the rain or any other bad weather.

These solutions can resolve the ghost touch issue on your LG Stylo 5. We sincerely hope that this information will helpful to you.

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