LG K92 (5G) Network Problem? Here’s how to fix it

Having a network problem with your LG K92 (5G) is indeed worrying. Nevertheless, when you realize there is no problem with your phone and that it may be a minor software issue or setting issue that you can resolve yourself, you won’t panic, right? A network issue is exactly that. Let’s take a quick look at some possible solutions –

1] No Network problem in LG K92 (5G) & 2] Internet Connection Issue

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1. No Network Problem in LG K92 (5G)

The SIM card should be checked first if there is no network on your LG K92 (5G) mobile device.

You will need to turn off your LG K92 (5G) and remove the SIM card. The SIM card should be compatible with your LG K92 (5G). Examine the SIM card for any physical damage or dust. Make sure the SIM card is inserted into other compatible devices and that the network connection is working properly. The network provider or SIM card may be at fault if there is the same issue.

You can align the SIM card in LG K92 (5G) slots if it works on other devices.

Open Settings → Tap on SIM cards & mobile networks → Make sure the SIM card is turned ON.

Keep in mind that your device doesn’t have Airplane mode turned on.

When you need to make a call or send a message in an emergency,

Go to Settings → Tap on SIM cards & mobile networks → Preferred Network Type → 2G only.


As soon as you have completed the preceding tests,

Open Settings → Go to SIM cards & mobile networks → Preferred Network Type → Prefer LTE. 

Now, open Settings → SIM cards & mobile networks → enable Automatically Select Network option.

Any changes you have made to the Access Point Name (APN) should be noted

Open Settings → SIM cards & mobile networks → Access Point Names → Reset to default.

Still, Cellular Network is Not Connected in your LG K92 (5G)?

Request the Access Point Name (APN) from your network provider’s customer support. Describe the problem you are experiencing with your network connection.

Open Settings → SIM cards & mobile networks →  Turn ON the Roaming Services.

The device needs to be restarted.

The above solutions should have helped you resolve the network problem with your LG K92 (5G).

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