LG G6 not connecting to WiFi? Check reasons & solutions

Connectivity has become one of the most primary needs every individual has in this modern world. With protests to make access internet a basic right of every citizen in different countries, the importance of the internet is rising every day. If your LG G6 is not connecting to WiFi then this article is especially for you.

Most of the daily activities we do rely greatly on this fast network today. This is the exact reason why our smartphones & tablets have the ability to connect to high-speed networks. Few hours or even minutes off the grid is something many can’t handle today and this why people want quick solutions when their phone or tab won’t connect to WiFi.

The WiFi network came as the best to date way to stay connected. Although wired connections and mobile networks are in common usage, none of these are versatile like WiFi. The wireless connectivity and portability have made it popular around the world.

With public places providing access to this mode of connection, WiFi became a big part of our lives. With the increased use of devices, the complaints regarding them also rose exponentially. Why my LG G6 is not connecting to WiFi? is one of the most common questions in most tech forums today.

Why my LG G6 is not connecting to WiFi & How to establish the connection?

There is no single reason to point out WiFi connection problems in your LG G6. There can be multiple issues that might stop your device from establishing a connection with the WiFi router. The problem can be on both the device and the router.

So, the solution for the different issues also differs greatly. So, if your LG G6 is not connecting to WiFi then consider going through the reason given below and perform the solution with respect to the reason which is leading to it.

Issues within your LG G6

In the majority of cases with the WiFi connection problem are known to be because of something within your device. The reason can range from everything to a small change in settings to a major hardware problem. So there are a few steps you can try to solve this issue. The steps you should do are provided below, try one by one until you solve the issue.

1. Check if the WiFi is switched on

This might sound silly, but there are users who tend to wait for the WiFi to connect automatically without noticing that the option is switched off. Such cases are especially true when with the saved networks.

The quick and easy solution here is to simply switch on the WiFi connection option, so the adapter will start receiving signals from the router.

2. Toggle WiFi off and on [ LG G6 not connecting to WiFi ]

Image : WiFi feature turned on in a smartphone


A variety of issues in our smart devices can be simply solved by switching the functionality off and on again. When something like the WiFi connection stays on for a very long time, the device saves a lot of data to make the connection quick in the future.

Although it is done to make our life easier, at times this can backfire and bring more trouble than good. Sometimes the data saved might get corrupted and this can lead to the phone not getting connected to the WiFi network.

So if your LG G6 is not connecting to WiFi, which is used with ease the best thing is to restart the functionality. The easiest way to do this is to switch off the WiFi connection on your device and switch it back on in a few seconds.

The Wifi toggle option can be seen in iPhones by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and click on the WiFi icon to toggle it on. For the WiFi connection problem in Android swipe down from the top of the screen and click on the icon.

3. Restart the device

If restarting the individual WiFi functionality doesn’t work well, the next best thing is to get the whole device restart. Restarting your LG G6 will completely refresh the whole cache and solves a lot of issues. Whenever you call tech support for any kind of issue, the first solution they give you is to power off the device and switch it on again.

To do this solution simply hold on to power down the device. Once the device is switched off wait for few seconds and turn it back on. Once the device startup the issue will be solved hopefully. If this step doesn’t help, move on to the next one.

4. Forget and try reconnecting to the WiFi

This is a step that works especially if you are facing any issue with an individual WiFi network. If your LG G6 is not connecting to WiFi which is from a single router but works fine on others, the best thing to do is to forget the network and reconnect it.

Whenever you connect a device all the details of the network will be saved. So, any kind of change in settings may stop you from connecting to that specific network.

In this case, go to the Wifi settings menu and find the network you are having an issue with. You can find the forget network option by either tapping and holding on to the network name, or by clicking on the ‘i’ icon next to it. Once you forget the network, start fresh, and reconnect it by entering the password.

5. Keep the device updated [ LG G6 not connecting to WiFi ]

These days updates are an important thing for our smart digital devices. However, many users give less importance to this and never really keep the firmware up to date. Doing so can both bring security vulnerabilities and other issues to the device. The issue can also include the device not connecting to WiFi networks.

So, always ensure that your LG G6 is running on the latest possible version of the firmware. If you are facing the issue, go to the update settings, and if any new update is available try installing it.

6. Perform a factory reset on your LG G6

If none of the above steps solves your issue, this might mean some kind of software issue on the device. Alternatively, there can be problems with the router stopping you from connecting to your LG G6. So make sure you check out the router solutions before performing a factory reset to solve the issue.

A factory reset will clear up all the data and make your LG G6 fresh and in the condition of a device just out of the factory. Make sure you back up all the essential data before performing this step as it can wipe all the data from the device.

7. Get technical help

If you are still not clear of why your phone won’t connect to WiFi, there might be some hardware issues on the device. If the WiFi receiver on your LG G6 stops working then you will not get any kind of signals and won’t be able to connect to a network. In this case, always get official technical help.

Always avoid doing such repairs by yourself as it can break the device. Any kind of unofficial technical help is also must be avoided. Make sure you contact an officially licensed service center to make hardware changes to your device.

Issues with the WiFi Router [ LG G6 not connecting to WiFi ]

Image : Router


There can be some instances where the router causes issues that might cause problems in connectivity. The two most common things we see are, not able to find the network or device is connected to WiFi but no internet. Both of these issues might be directly linked to the router or service provider issue.

1. Switch the Router on and off

For both of these issues, the most basic but effective solution is to restart the device. This works similar to how restarting the smartphone (or tablet) works. Once you switch off the router wait for a minimum of 10 seconds before switching it back on.

2. Contact the ISP

If a simple restart doesn’t work then you should contact your ISP (internet service provider) for all kinds of technical help. It is suggested not to try anything technical without expert advice.

We hope this article was helpful is in answering your query: Why my LG G6 is not connecting to WiFi?

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