Issues with Google Maps? Try these solutions to fix it

In this article, we’ll be sharing some possible solutions to fix issues with Google Maps on your Android smartphone. We all know that Google map is the easiest way to find travel routes, hotels, shops, hospitals, etc. GPS plays a key role in Google maps & without that, it’s really hard to locate your real-time location Or search for any specific location.

Here are some common issues and their solution which will help you to fix issues with your Google Maps:

Not getting your location accurately [ Issues with Google Maps ]

When you search your location on a Google map, the App may show your location somewhere else, this is because of a GPS issue with your device. To fix the GPS issue, go to Settings in the main menu and search for locations and turn on the High Accuracy Mode.

Now, again check your location in the Google Map application & it should have to be working fine.

Google Maps not showing routes

Sometimes when searching for routes in the App, you find the route feature isn’t working. This could be because you’re using Google Map App which is already outdated. In such a situation, try updating your Google Map application to the latest version by visiting the Google Play Store.

Google Maps suddenly crashing

If you’re facing such an issue then just go to Google Maps setting, clear cache & data of the app. Now, reopen the app and the problem should have to be fixed. Also, you can try to uninstall and reinstall the latest version of the Google Maps App from Play-Store.

Network Connectivity issues

Google Maps require a good network connection to work properly. Slow Internet connection or weak network may cause the application not to work properly. So, make sure you have a working data or Wi-Fi connection with good speed and strong network strength.

Compass direction not showing properly

To fix this problem, try calibrating your compass in Google Maps. Open the Google Maps application, press on the compass symbol, and make sure you have turned on the GPS on your phone. In the next step, rotate or move your smartphone in Figure 8 direction like 3 to 4 times.

Now, as you have successfully calibrated your compass and direction your Google Maps should have to work without having any issues.

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