Is TONOR ORCA 001 Microphone Value For Money? Check Our Opinion

TONOR ORCA 001 Microphone

Okay, you may have seen gamers, podcast streamers, content creators, and many influencers using TONOR’s ORCA 001 Condenser Microphone. But do you know why this mic is selling so aggressively in the market? For a short answer, it is the price-to-performance ratio. This mic offers a nearly perfect set of features, interactive design, and ease of use for a beginner.

Newbies and intermediates usually like plug-and-play devices, and why not? It makes things easier and quicker. But do you know there are five key factors a buyer must consider before finalizing the purchase? You should be selective if you are tempted by the best USB microphone and want to buy it.

Here in this TONOR USB Microphone review, we are talking about the features that matter in everyday use.

Features Highlight – Our Take on Key Features

Plug and Play

TONOR ORCA 001 Microphone One-Tap Mute

A microphone that requires amps, monitors, and additional tools can be challenging and extensive for a beginner. Tonor offers ready-to-use functionality with this microphone allowing reliable usability. In addition, the compactivity of the Microsoft Windows operating system makes it perfect for everyone.

Sound Input Quality

With the 50Hz-16kHz frequency response, you get the ultimate quality for the price. We also tested better microphones, but the price was three to five times than Tonor Microphone.

Shock Mount

TONOR ORCA 001 Microphone Noise Cancellation

A shock mount helps absorb any noise from ambient noise, vibration from wires, moving around, or anything else. For example, while using the mic while gaming or streaming live sessions online, the shock mount absorbs plenty of noise and offers a clean sound.

Two-In-One Connector

Whether you are using Microsoft’s surface laptop or Apple MacBook, USB C and thunderbolt are getting common these days. A two-in-one connector for USB C and USB A ports ensures excellent compatibility. It is a minor add-on, but it seems phenomenal. Why are other brands not thinking about it?

On-Board Controls

The ability to mute, volume indicators, and other basic features added to the microphone reflect ease of use. In our use, we found it handy and loved the simple interface. Connecting the mic and going live was a typical schedule, but the ability to control volume made things convenient.

Zero Latency and Frequency Response

TONOR ORCA 001 Microphone Zero Latency

You can connect headphones and listen to your voice. It is a handy feature for singers who want to monitor what they are singing. There is no doubt that you get close to zero millisecond latency here. In addition, the frequency response is fantastic as you get a wide frequency of 50Hz-16kHz.


  • Sound quality is exceptional at this price point.
  • The blend of easy installation, quick setup, and simple UI is unbeatable.
  • The price-to-performance (audio quality) ratio is phenomenal.
  • Connecting to a windows computer is hassle-free.
  • A quick tap to mute and volume control on the mic make things easier.
  • Anyone can use this mic with little to no knowledge.


  • Connecting to a MacBook, PlayStation console, and Android device is slightly tricky and requires some work.

Overall Opinion

If you are buying a microphone for the first time and want it ready to use, then Tonor is a perfect brand with various options. Going with ORCA 001 seems reliable and has an elegant design element. For the money you spend, you will be getting beyond the expectation. You can buy it from Amazon by clicking here