iPhone 12 camera black screen? Here’s how you can fix it

In this article, we’re sharing some possible solutions to fix the iPhone 12 camera black screen issue of your phone. Before jumping on to the solutions, make sure your camera lens is not physically damaged or blocked by any objects.

How to fix iPhone 12 camera black screen issue?

Here are some possible methods to fix such an issue:

Switch camera

This is a simple method that works better almost every time. Sometimes when a user opens the primary (back) camera of his iPhone 12 it shows a black screen & sometimes this same thing happens while opening a front-facing camera.

To fix this issue you can simply switch the camera. If you have opened the front camera by default, then try to switch the camera to the primary one. This method should fix the issue. not yet fixed? follow our next steps

Close the Camera App

This is another simple and very well-known method. Sometimes the camera app will not open properly because of more process is running in the background.

So what you have to is, close the Camera app and other apps too from recent, Restart the device and reopen your camera app & now the issue should have to be fixed.

Turning off the voice-over feature

Users face camera issues while the voice-over is turned on, turn off the voice-over feature to fix this issue.

To turn off voice-over,

Go to setting > General > Accessibility now open voice-over and turn it off.

Reset Or Update your iPhone 12 [ iPhone 12 camera black screen ]

If unfortunately, all the above methods are not working, then you can try to fix such an issue by performing a reset on your iPhone 12.

To reset your iPhone 12,

Go to settings > General > then click on Reset, select Reset all settings, enter the password and click on reset.

Check for software updates,

Go to settings and check for software updates on the top of the menu settings.

Always update your iPhone 12 to the latest software to reduce such issues. We hope this article was helpful to you.

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