How to remove Ads from Realme phone? Follow these steps

Realme Narzo 30 Pro 5G

We can’t deny the fact that smartphones from Realme come with the best possible specs & features at affordable prices. But to maintain such a low price, these devices also come with unwanted Ads (advertisements). Considering the overall user experience that’s definitely not a good thing. In this article, we’ll let you know “How to remove Ads from your Realme phone?”

Realme has already said that to continue and maintain a good sustainable business model they have introduced Commercial content recommendations in the Realme UI. The company has also confirmed that Ads will be displayed on the phone manager and the security check page after installing any App.

In addition to this Realme has also clarified that you can disable Ads if you don’t want to see them.

How to remove ads from Realme phone?

So, here are some simple methods to remove Ads from your Realme phone:

Go to the main menu, open “Settings” > select “Additional settings” > search for the “Get Recommendation” option which is above the backup and reset option > Now press on the toggle button to turn off the Ads or the recommendations.

That’s it. Once you have followed the above step, you won’t see any commercial recommendations of Ads on any part of your phone or in any App. Please note that these settings are just to disable ads by Realme & you will still find Ads in other applications which you’re using without any subscription.

This is a good thing that company has offered a way to turn off the Ads from the device. But to be frank, non-tech users Or we can say those who don’t follow regular updates on smartphone technology really don’t know much about these settings.

Such users are contributing to a new revenue way to the company by watching Ads on their devices. Race in the smartphone industry to become one of the leading brands by providing smartphones at affordable prices has led companies to gain a minimum profit.

Considering low profits, smartphones from companies like Realme come up with Ads.

Anyway, we hope you got an answer to your query, “How to remove ads from Realme phone?”

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