How to record PUBG Mobile Gameplay on Motorola Moto G10? Check this

If you have ever played PUBG Mobile before, you know the craze of recording PUBG Mobile gameplay. Be it YouTube, Facebook, or other video-sharing platforms, recorded videos of players playing PUBG Mobile is everywhere, and not to forget the bigwigs in the gaming community who are majorly streamers. The other day, you decided to open your YouTube channel or host your PUBG Mobile gameplay videos on others platforms. The question is, how to record PUBG Mobile Gameplay on Motorola Moto G10?

Well, here’s how you can achieve recognition in the gaming community by posting incredible gameplay videos shot directly on your Motorola Moto G10. This is assuming that you get a million subscribers in a year or so (wink). Note that it’s not just YouTube but you can post gaming videos on Twitch, Facebook, Facebook Gaming, Instagram, and others as well.

How To Record PUBG Mobile Gameplay On Motorola Moto G10?

Just a heads up, devices with Android 10 and less usually won’t have any built-in screen recording feature. In fact, based on which OEM you use, you might not be able to record in-game sound even if you opt for a third-party screen recorder app. Things have changed quite drastically since Android 10/11 came into play. Here are two broad methods that you can use to record PUBG Mobile gameplay on your Motorola Moto G10 along with some sub-methods you can use as well.

Method #1: Using Built-In Screen Recorder

Some smartphone OEMs usually pack in their phones with a built-in screen recorder function. This is the native feature to record or grab screens that you can use later. This means you don’t have to rely on any third-party apps if it’s already available in your Motorola Moto G10.

Screen Recorder function lets users decide what audio source they want to record where a player would select ‘Internal Audio’. Here’s a general method on how the process of recording PUBG Mobile gameplay on Android works.

Step 01: Launch the PUBG Mobile game (before it would take some time to start)

Step 02: Assuming that you are in the lobby, you can now launch the native Screen Recorder feature on your Motorola Moto G10. It is usually located on the Notification Panel in the Quick Settings section. Tap on it to launch it.

Step 03: Depending upon the make/model, the interface of Screen Recorder would change although the working pretty much remains the same. You need to go to its Settings.

Step 04: Find “Audio Source” or “Sound Source” or related options.

Step 05: Select “Internal Audio” which records all the in-game audio and sound effects. If you select “Microphone Audio”, it will automatically record whatever sound the mic intercepts including in-game and what you speak.

Step 06: Go back to the main menu and hit the ‘REC’ or a large ‘red dot’ button to record.

Step 07: Minimise the screen recorder and continue your gameplay. It will automatically record the video.

Step 08: Hit the “Stop” button to automatically save it.

Step 09: Check your ‘Gallery’ or ‘Phone Manager’ for the recorded video.

Note: We would like to highlight that each OEM may have a different interface for Screen Recorder. In fact, they could be using “Screen Capture” or “Record Screen” or similar names for this particular function. Hope that clears the process on how to record PUBG Mobile gameplay on your Motorola Moto G10 using the native screen recorder app.

Method #2: Using Third-Party Apps [ How to record PUBG Mobile Gameplay on Motorola Moto G10 ]

Understandably, these are third-party apps that you can use to record PUBG Mobile gameplay on your Motorola Moto G10. Of course, different apps have different specs requirements and limitations on how long videos they can record and at what resolution and frame rate. Thus, different PUBG Mobile players might prefer different third-party apps. We have listed a few below but trust us, there are many more. Although each app has its pros and cons to handle.

Mobizen Screen Recorder [ How to record PUBG Mobile Gameplay on Motorola Moto G10 ]

If you ever search for a Screen Recorder app, you gotta know Mobizen. It has a screen recording capability of up to QHD 2K resolution, maximum recording quality. And up to 24Mbps recording quality. The app has already reached 200 million users and has been featured across many media outlets.

You don’t need to sign up though. There’s a Facecam feature onboard just like AZ Screen Recorder so you can record via the front camera as well. You can record internal audio as well as post it online without a watermark using its Clean Mode.

Download: Mobizen Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder

With more than 50Mn+ downloads, AZ Screen Recorder is undoubtedly one of the best screen recording apps out there. It doesn’t have any limit of recordings, there’s no root required. Also you can max at 1080p at 60FPS when recording PUBG Mobile gameplay. You can record internal sound if your Motorola Moto G10 comes with Android 10 and above.

There’s a Facecam feature available so that you can record yourself when recording the screen as well. Other features include a built-in video editor, Livestream feature, image editing, and much more than you can imagine.

Download: AZ Screen Recorder

V Recorder [ How to record PUBG Mobile Gameplay on Motorola Moto G10 ]

If you ever used VideoShow for video editing, you might be aware of V Recorder as well. The no-root-required screen capture third-party app, VideoShow Screen Recorder, allows high-quality video recording with both internal or external sounds with ease.

It has some of the must-have functionality for screen capture apps like Facecam Recorder, Custom Floating Windows, Aspect Ratio, One Tap Usage, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The full-fledged pro-grade video editing feature is what makes VideoShow a truly magnificent one. So that you can record it and edit it right on your Motorola Moto G10.

Download: V Recorder

InShot XRecorder

Don’t say you never heard of InShot ever? XRecorder is a screen capture or recorder app from InShot offering smooth video recording features on-board. With no limits on recording time and no root needed, it ensures you can record HD videos on your Motorola Moto G10 with ease. It has no watermark and apparent lag so that’s another pro of this app.

InShot XRecorder has features like a floating window, countdown timer, internal audio recording, RMTP, YouTube live streaming, and more. The full-fledged video editor InShot is an added bonus just if you want to edit the videos you recorded right now.

Download: InShot XRecorder

How To Record PUBG Mobile Gameplay Using Third-Party Apps?

Turns out the working of a third-party screen recorder app to record PUBG Mobile gameplay is almost the same as that of a native app. Although the terminology and the interface might differ from app to app, the general idea behind the working of these apps is as followed.

  • Launch the PUBG Mobile game in your Motorola Moto G10 and leave it in the background for a second.
  • Launch any of the listed (or others) third-party apps and set its frame rate, bitrate, audio source, resolution, and other details.
  • Hit the “REC” button which is usually colored red and swipe to open the PUBG Mobile game.
  • Complete your session and hit the “Stop” button on the floating window or the notification panel. And you have the recording saved accordingly.

Wrapping Up!

And that’s how you can record PUBG Mobile gameplay on Motorola Moto G10 using both native screen recorder features and third-party ones if the former is not available on your device.

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