How to get back uninstalled apps on Samsung Galaxy A01? That’s easy

There are a number of reasons why you would lose all or a few apps from your phone. It could be a virus or accidental deletion or you did a factory reset on your device and so on. Although it is not a huge task to remember what app you had installed on your device before that particular app (or apps) vanished from your phone. It is common for people to forget a few apps if not all. Turns out you can get back uninstalled apps on your Samsung Galaxy A01 and here’s how.

How to get back uninstalled apps on Samsung Galaxy A01?

When we say you can get back all the uninstalled apps on your Samsung Galaxy A01, it means the listing. Because you will have to manually install them one by one. Here’s how you can find the app history for reference.

Method 1: Using Google Play Store app

This is a pretty straightforward method. It won’t take much time before you can get access to a list of deleted apps. Follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • First up, open Google Play Store on your Samsung Galaxy A01.
  • Next, tap on the hamburger icon denoted by three vertically stacked dashes. And proceed to “My Apps & Games” or “Manage apps & device”.
  • Proceed to “Library” and there you have it. This list consists of all the apps that are installed and previous ones that are currently uninstalled.
  • Alternatively, the newer Google Play Store version has discarded the Library feature and instead, gives you a dropdown menu where “Installed” is selected by default. Flip it to “Uninstalled” and you will get the list.
  • Hit the “Install” button against the app listed as ‘Not installed’ and you have literally got the app back on your Samsung Galaxy A01.

Method 2: Using Google Play Store website [ How to get back uninstalled apps on Samsung Galaxy A01 ]

You have a really effective second method. Here’s how you can do it:

  • First, either open on your PC or Samsung Galaxy A01 in Chrome (or other) browser in Desktop mode.
  • Next, proceed to “Apps” on the navigation panel on the left and proceed to “My apps”.
  • You will get a list of all the apps you interacted with for ages now. You need to use the same Google Account on the Play Store website as your Samsung Galaxy A01. So that it can retrieve user app history accurately.

Method 3: Using File Manager

Okay, this is a bit of goose catch but might work in some cases. Every app creates a folder in the storage of your Samsung Galaxy A01 and when uninstalling the app, some might leave a trace. Simply go to File Manager >> Internal Storage and check out the folders that signal a previously installed app.

You found the list, what’s next? [ How to get back uninstalled apps on Samsung Galaxy A01 ]

Once you found the list of apps you had installed earlier but either uninstalled intentionally or unintentionally or otherwise, it’s time to download it. Tap on each app and press the “Install” button. If you are on your Samsung Galaxy A01, you will get an “Install” button against all the apps so you can tap on these buttons for as many apps you want to install because it actually opens the listing. That’s it!!

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