How To Fix WiFi Authentication Error On Red Magic 6s Pro? Do this

If you think breakups hurt more, ask someone who is downloading a movie and sees a “WiFi authentication error” on their Android phone. Well, this could happen at absolutely any instance where you might see a warning about a WiFi authentication error. Usually, this means that the password is incorrect but this isn’t the case always. Here we’ll guide you on how to fix the WiFi authentication error on your Red Magic 6s Pro phone using many proven techniques and tips.

Check if your Password is correct

An authentication error is usually thrown as an error when the password is incorrect or the system needs you to re-enter the password for connecting with a WiFi network. This can happen if you are connecting to a new WiFi by entering the password first. Note that this can happen to any WiFi network you connected to earlier as well although you need to enter the password to connect again.

In these cases, do check whether you are actually entering the right password in your Red Magic 6s Pro or not. Tap on “Show Password” when entering the password so that you don’t type unwanted characters by mistake. If that doesn’t solve your mistake, proceed to other methods listed here.

Toggle WiFi [ How To Fix WiFi Authentication Error On Red Magic 6s Pro ]

You just want to browse the social media or consume some content on YouTube but there you have an error for WiFi authentication. Toggling WiFi is the first step toward resolving any kind of issues related to WiFi. When you turn off the WiFi and turn it on, you are basically giving it a kickstart and that should get the connectivity feature working now.

Toggle Airplane Mode

To be honest, airplane mode is apparently the single most powerful method after a quick reboot to solve any temporary network or software glitches on your Red Magic 6s Pro phone. When you turn on the airplane mode, it cuts off all radio-based connections be it the WiFi or the cellular network. You can still use WiFi on airplane mode though. Here’s how you can get this method rolling.

  • Turn on the airplane mode from the Quick Settings on the notification panel.
  • Wait for a few moments.
  • Turn it off and check whether the WiFi authentication error is gone or not.

Forget & reconnect [ How To Fix WiFi Authentication Error On Red Magic 6s Pro ]

If the authentication error is thrown around the network you usually connect to (which should connect automatically), this method can be used. Here, you need to forget the network first and then reconnect. Let’s see how it works for your Red Magic 6s Pro device:

  • Go to WiFi (Settings >> WiFi & Network >> WiFi).
  • Next up, choose the network that you usually connect to which is showing the error.
  • Right-click on it or tap on the ‘cog wheel’ button against the WiFi network and select “Forget”.
  • It is better to restart the phone real quick.
  • Next up, go to the WiFi settings, tap on the network in question and enter the password.
  • This should fix the problem for most if not all.

Restart Your Red Magic 6s Pro

Rebooting your device is basically like a mother of all the fixes. It fixes many impending network or software-related issues on your Red Magic 6s Pro without needing a factory restore. Here, you need to press the power button for a few seconds, and select ‘Restart’. Next up, check whether the WiFi is in working condition now or not.

Restart the Router [ How To Fix WiFi Authentication Error On Red Magic 6s Pro ]

After attempting to fix the WiFi authentication error by restarting your Red Magic 6s Pro phone, you can try the same with the router itself. As this device literally keeps running 24/7, it may introduce temporary glitches causing issues connecting to the WiFi at all. This could be a temporary issue or you could be seeing a hardware failure.

To verify, power off the router and keep it idle for a few minutes. Restart it and check whether your Red Magic 6s Pro is able to connect to it or not. If not, try connecting your phone to a different access point (thus ruling out if your phone is at fault). Try connecting the existing router to another phone (to eliminate the probability of the router being at fault). Proceed if you are still struggling with the WiFi issue.

Your Router could have reached max devices

Wireless modems are great for connectivity as you just have to be in range to access the internet without any hassle. However, some routers have a limit of maximum devices that can be connected to them. If the devices reach the max limit, you might not be able to connect your Red Magic 6s Pro unless an existing device isn’t disconnected for the time being.

If there’s no limit, it could be a bandwidth that is limiting a new device from connecting to the router after ‘n number’ of devices have already connected to it. What you can do here is to remove some devices and verify if the problem is rectified or not. Proceed if you are still struggling with it.

Change IP Settings [ How To Fix WiFi Authentication Error On Red Magic 6s Pro ]

There is an assortment of features on WiFi on your phone that you can tweak to get the better of the feature. Changing IP settings can do the trick. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Firstly, go to Settings >> WiFi & Internet >> WiFi.
  • Select the WiFi network in question and go to its advanced settings.
  • Change the IP settings from DHCP to Static. Keep a screenshot of the IP address on the static mode to keep it handy in case required.
  • Change it to Static using the right settings you took a screenshot earlier and save it.

Update the phone

Outdated Android OS or the custom UI your phone is using can cause a series of issues and WiFi authentication errors could be one of them. Perhaps, you can resolve it with a software update. Here’s how.

  • Go to the Settings app on your Red Magic 6s Pro.
  • Navigate to “System >> Software Updates >> Check for updates” or “Software Updates >> Check for updates” among others.
  • Check if you have any updates in the box, and download and install it.
  • If not, which is true in the case of Android phones given its nature, you will either have to wait or proceed with other methods in this guide.

Update the Router

At the end of the day, the router runs on the firmware to keep it operational. The router’s manufacturer releases updates from time to time which are patched automatically. However, it is quite possible that you might not have patched up the update where you can download it from the website. Go to the router’s admin panel to upload the software update and that’s it.

Reset Network Settings

Another express method to fix a hoard of issues is to reset network settings on your Red Magic 6s Pro as a whole. Although this resets all connections i.e. you will have to enter the password of your WiFi, it is worth a try.

  • Go to Settings in your Red Magic 6s Pro and proceed to Backup & Reset >> Network reset.
  • Tap on “Reset Network Settings >> Reset Settings”.
  • This should do the trick.

Call in the big gun

If the problem is still intact and you can’t get it fixed, you can try resetting your Red Magic 6s Pro as a whole. Even if that doesn’t do anything positive, it’s high time you report the issue to a service center. You can go for an authorized or third-party service center each with their pros and cons. If it is a hardware issue, it is best if the professional gets it replaced or repaired rather than you experimenting on the device because you could end up causing more damage.


This was a set of generic and advanced troubleshooting methods you can deploy in order to fix WiFi authentication errors on your Red Magic 6s Pro phone. Hopefully, you should be able to fix the issue.

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