How to fix Black Screen issue on Realme 7 Pro? Follow this

Despite being powerful, Android smartphones often experience various issues that require fixing. One of the many issues faced is how to fix Black Screen issue on Realme 7 Pro, which occurs when the screen turns black and becomes unresponsive. To distinguish between a black screen issue and a phone that won’t turn on issue, it is important to note that the phone is still ON and can receive calls, messages, notifications, and the flash will work. However, there is no display on the screen, and no interaction with the screen is possible.

There are various potential causes for a black screen problem, including loose LCD connectors, incompatible apps, critical system errors, and accumulation of cache files. Exposure to high temperatures can also lead to blackouts on phone screens. If you’re facing this issue with your Realme 7 Pro, there are several methods you can try to fix it.

1: Make sure the power button is not jammed

Your Realme 7 Pro smartphone’s power button serves a multi-purpose function, allowing you to switch off the device, restart it, and access different boot modes. In the event that the power button becomes jammed, this could result in several issues. For example, your phone could enter into a continuous reboot cycle or simply shut down until the button is repaired. The accumulation of lint, lotion, dirt, and other debris from your pockets or various surfaces can easily lead to a jammed button.

To dislodge any trapped debris, give the button a few rapid presses. If necessary, use a pointed tool to carefully extract any remaining debris, taking care not to harm the button.

2: Inspect Charging Port [ How to fix Black Screen issue on Realme 7 Pro ]

One potential cause of black screen issues on Android smartphones is the presence of debris in the charging port. To address this, it is possible to use a pointed tool, such as a toothpick, to gently clean the port. It is important to avoid being overly forceful during the cleaning process. After cleaning the charging port, check if your Realme 7 Pro has returned to its original condition.

3: Wait for the battery to die

If your Realme 7 Pro touchscreen appears to be responsive for calls and messages but doesn’t show anything, unfortunately, you won’t be able to use it. The only option left is to wait for the battery to run out. Since the power consumption is at its minimum with a black screen, it may take some time for the battery to drain completely. Once that happens, you can recharge it and try rebooting the phone to see if it resolves the issue.

4: Force Reboot [ How to fix Black Screen issue on Realme 7 Pro ]

If you’re unable to use the screen, you won’t be able to turn off your Realme 7 Pro in hopes that a quick reboot will fix the issue. However, there’s a forced reboot method for Android smartphones that uses hardware buttons to initiate a reboot.

You will need to use Power plus Volume Up, Power plus Volume Down, or other combinations if there are more than three buttons. Attempt a forced reboot and observe if it resolves the issue.

5: Loose Display Connectors

[ Important Note: is considered risky, and we advise only professionals to attempt it. Other users should skip it and refer to our remaining methods ]

Regardless of whether you’re using a smartphone with an LCD, IPS, or AMOLED display, it will always rely on a pogo pin connector to connect to the rest of the system. If this connector becomes loose on your Realme 7 Pro, it can cause the display to fail to show any interaction despite the system functioning correctly. In short, this is commonly known as the black screen problem that you may be experiencing.

If you’re experiencing loose display connectors, try pressing both the front and back of the display to see if that helps. If it doesn’t work, we suggest visiting an authorized service center to get it professionally fixed.

6: Use the Safe Mode

In case you frequently encounter a black screen issue with your Realme 7 Pro that ultimately resolves itself, you may opt to utilize the safe mode feature to diagnose the problem. This function disables all third-party applications and processes. If your Realme 7 Pro still experiences a black screen problem despite being in safe mode, it could indicate a hardware issue or a critical failure within the software.

  • To access the Safe Mode on in your Realme 7 Pro, press the power button to reveal options.
  • Simply long-press the “Power Off” option, and a prompt will appear asking if you wish to access it. Press “OK,” and you’ll be able to enter Safe Mode.
  • To return to the normal mode, simply restart the phone.

7: Reset the phone [ How to fix Black Screen issue on Realme 7 Pro ]

If you’re looking to permanently resolve any software problems, consider performing a factory reset. However, keep in mind that all saved data and settings will be lost, so make sure to back them up beforehand. You have the option to reset the phone through the on-screen option in Settings, or by using a hard reset to wipe data/factory reset. If you’re proficient in using ADB tools, you can also restore factory settings via your PC.

Closing Words

If the troubleshooting methods mentioned above prove to be ineffective, we suggest visiting the nearest Authorized Service Center promptly.

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