How to fix Black Screen issue on Poco X3 Pro? Follow this

Android smartphones are powerful, but they can also experience various issues that require a fix. How to fix Black Screen issue on the Poco X3 Pro is one common problem, where the screen turns black and does not respond. To determine if this is a black screen issue or a problem with the phone not turning on, it is important to note that the phone is still operational and can receive calls, messages, and notifications, and the flash will work, but there will be no display on the screen and no ability to interact with it.

There are several potential causes for the Black Screen issue on your Poco X3 Pro. Such as loose LCD connectors, incompatible apps, critical system errors, or accumulated cache files. Additionally, exposing the phone to high temperatures can also cause the screen to blackout. To address this issue, here are some solutions you can try:

1: Ensure that the power button is not jammed

The power button on your Poco X3 Pro smartphone is a crucial component that allows you to turn off the phone, restart it, and enter various bootable modes. However, if this button becomes jammed, it can lead to several issues. For example, a jammed power button can cause your Poco X3 Pro to enter into a reboot loop or cause the phone to shut down completely until the button is fixed. Lint, lotion, dirt, and other types of debris can accumulate on the button and cause it to jam.

If debris is causing the button to stick, you may try tapping it rapidly a few times. Another option is to use a sharp tool to clear away any excess debris, but be careful not to be too aggressive as it may harm the button.

2: Verify Charging Port [ How to fix Black Screen issue on Poco X3 Pro ]

One potential cause of black screen issues on Android smartphones is debris buildup in the charging port. While it is possible to use a sharp object, such as a toothpick, to clean the port, it is important to be cautious and not be overly invasive. After cleaning the charging port, check to see if your Poco X3 Pro has returned to its normal state.

3: Wait for the battery to die

Since there’s no way you can use the touchscreen even though it seems active in receiving calls and messages but doesn’t display anything, you will have to wait for the battery to die. In this case, the only option is to wait for the battery to completely drain. Keep in mind that due to the black screen, the power consumption is at its lowest. Henceforth, it may take some time for the battery to fully drain. Once the battery is completely drained, you can charge the phone and see if a reboot resolves the issue.

4: Force Reboot [ How to fix Black Screen issue on Poco X3 Pro ]

As you are unable to power off your Poco X3 Pro due to an issue with the screen, a forced reboot may be a solution. However, there is a method known as a forced reboot. This can be carry out using the hardware buttons on an Android smartphone.

You will need to use Power plus Volume Up, Power plus Volume Down, or other combinations if there are more than three buttons. Verify if administering a forced reboot helps or not.

5: Loose Display Connectors

[ Important Note: As this method could be risky. We suggest that those without professional experience consider alternative methods. ]

Regardless of whether your smartphone has an LCD, IPS, or AMOLED display, it utilizes a pogo pin connector to connect with the rest of the device. If there is a loose connection between the display and other components in your Poco X3 Pro, the system may function properly, but the display will not be able to display any interactions. This is commonly referred to as the black screen problem.

To fix loose display connectors, you can press both the front and back of the display to see if it resolves the issue. If not, it is recommended to visit a certified service center for proper repair.

6: Use the Safe Mode

If you frequently experience a black screen issue with your Poco X3 Pro but it eventually resolves itself, using safe mode can help identify the cause. Safe mode disables all third-party apps and processes, allowing you to investigate potential issues. If the black screen problem persists even in safe mode, it may be a hardware issue or a critical failure on the software side.

  • To enter the Safe Mode on in your Poco X3 Pro, press the power button to reveal options.
  • Long-press on the “Power Off” option. A prompt will appear asking if you want to enter Safe Mode. Press “OK” and it will enter the Safe Mode.
  • Simply reboot the phone to enter the normal mode.

7: Reset the phone [ How to fix Black Screen issue on Poco X3 Pro ]

To permanently resolve any software issues, a factory reset can be a useful solution. However, it’s important to note that this process will erase all saved data and settings, so be sure to make a backup before proceeding. You can either use the on-screen “Reset the phone” option under “Settings” or you can use a hard reset to perform “wipe data/factory reset”. If you can use ADB tools, you can use your PC to command a restore factory on the device as well.

Closing Words

Ultimately, if none of the troubleshooting techniques outlined above prove successful. It is advisable to visit a nearby Authorized Service Center as soon as possible.

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