How to fix Black Screen issue on Oppo Find X3? Follow this

Android devices are efficient, but there are also a few issues that need fixing. If the Oppo Find X3’s display suddenly turns black and stops responding, you may be wondering what to do about it. There is a distinction between a black screen issue and a phone that won’t turn on if you know that the phone is still ON and can receive calls, messages, notifications, and flash. On the other hand, the screen is blank and you can’t do anything.

The display may be malfunctioning for a variety of reasons, including loose LCD connections, incompatible programmes, a catastrophic system failure, or a buildup of cache data. Mobile devices are susceptible to overheating, which might black out the screen. Below are some ideas for fixing the Black Screen on your Oppo Find X3.

1: Ensure the power button is not jammed

The power button on your Oppo Find X3 serves multiple roles. It may be used to turn the phone off, restart it, and access different boot modes. Because of this, if the power button gets stuck, there are a lot of issues that could happen. If the power button on your Oppo Find X3 is stuck, you risk a reboot loop or a fully dead phone if you don’t get it unstuck. Lint, lotion, dirt, and other debris picked up from pockets, tables, and anywhere else can become trapped inside and get the buttons stuck.

It’s possible that any stuck debris can be released by pressing the button rapidly. If there is any excess debris, you may carefully remove it with a sharp instrument, but you shouldn’t push too hard or you’ll risk breaking the button.

2: Inspect Charging Port [ How to fix Black Screen issue on Oppo Find X3 ]

Debris in the device’s charging port might be to blame for a black screen on an Android phone. If you prefer to clean the port by poking it with a sharp item, be careful not to be too intrusive. Just use a toothpick for what you’re trying to do. After cleaning, you should test the Oppo Find X3’s charging port to make sure it is working properly.

3: Watch for the power source to run out

The touchscreen has stopped working, therefore you’ll have to let the battery drain before you can use the phone again, even if it still seems to be receiving calls and texts normally but not showing any of that data. If you frequently utilize black-screen mode on your Oppo Find X3, you should know that the battery won’t expire for quite a while. Wait until the battery is completely dead, and then try charging it and restarting it to see if it helps.

4: Attempt force Reboot [ How to fix Black Screen issue on Oppo Find X3 ]

Given that you are unable to interact with the display, turning off your Oppo Find X3 and expecting a new start to resolve the issue is pointless. The hardware buttons on an Android smartphone may also be used to do a hard reset.

Power plus either Volume Up or Volume Down is required if your device has more than three buttons. Do a hard reset and see if that fixes anything.

5: Connectors for the screen being too flimsy

Tip: Due to the inherent dangers, we advise that this strategy be used solely by trained experts. You may skip this and move right to the section discussing the alternatives we’ve come up with if you like.

Any smartphone display, whether LCD, IPS, or AMOLED, may be connected to the rest of the system with a single universal pogo pin. When the Oppo Find X3 is functioning normally, the screen may give the impression that nothing is occurring due to a malfunctioning connection between the screen and the rest of the phone. If you’ve ever encountered the dreaded “black screen of death,” you’ll be relieved to know this is the solution.

If the display isn’t properly connected, you can try pressing the front and back of the screen to see if the connections come free again. It has to be professionally serviced by a professional repair service if it hasn’t already been done.

6: Use the Safe Mode

Try switching to safe mode if your Oppo Find X3 regularly goes dark before resuming normal operation. When safe mode is enabled, all processes and applications that aren’t part of the operating system are stopped. If your Oppo Find X3’s screen remains black even in safe mode, you may be experiencing a hardware breakdown or a catastrophic software crash.

  • Pressing the Oppo Find X3’s power button will launch Safe Mode.
  • For Safe Mode, press and hold the “Power Off” button for a few seconds until a confirmation screen appears. After clicking “OK,” Safe Mode will be enabled.
  • A simple reboot is needed to get the phone back to its normal state.

7: Reset the handset [ How to fix Black Screen issue on Oppo Find X3 ]

You can do this if you want to fix any software issue once and for all. You should make a copy of your files and configurations before performing a factory reset. In order to “wipe data/factory reset,” you can either use the “Reset the phone” option displayed on the screen under “Settings,” or you may do a hard reset. You may force your device back to factory settings using the ADB tools if they are installed on your computer.

Closing Words

Unfortunately, if none of the above solutions work, we recommend immediately visiting an Authorized Service Center.

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