How to fix Black Screen issue on Motorola One 5G Ace? Follow this

Android smartphones are capable, but they also have a number of problems that need to be resolved. There are numerous ways to resolve the Black Screen issue on your Motorola One 5G Ace, which occurs when the screen goes blank and is unresponsive. To differentiate between a black screen issue and a phone that won’t turn on issue, you must be aware that the phone is still ON, getting calls, texts, and notifications, and that the flash is working. On the screen, nothing is displayed, and there is no ability to interact with it.

Several things could go wrong, including loose LCD connectors, incompatible programmes, a catastrophic system malfunction, or accumulated cache files if they were the original cause of the problem. Phone screens may become dark when exposed to higher temperatures. On your Motorola One 5G Ace, you can try the following fixes to fix the black screen issue:

1: Make sure the power button is not jammed

You may restart your Motorola One 5G Ace smartphone, switch it off, and help enter other bootable modes using the power button. Therefore, having a jammed power button can result in a number of issues. In the beginning, a jammed power button can leave your Motorola One 5G Ace switched off or throw it into a reboot loop until the button is fixed. If the buttons come into contact with any lint, lotion, dirt, or other debris from your pockets while on a table or anyplace else, they could become stuck.

If any debris is stuck, try fast pressing the button a few times. To get rid of more debris, you can also use a sharp tool, but don’t go too far or you risk damaging the button.

2: Check Charging Port [ How to fix Black Screen issue on Motorola One 5G Ace ]

The debris in the charging port is one of several things that might cause Android smartphones to have black screen issues. Again, you can try to clean the port by poking it with a sharp item inside, but avoid being too intrusive. A toothpick will work as the solution. After cleaning the charging port, see if your Motorola One 5G Ace has returned to its original condition.

3: Wait for the battery to die

You will have to wait for the battery to run out since even though the touchscreen appears to be operational because it is getting calls and texts but isn’t showing anything on the screen. Due to the fact that a dark screen uses the least amount of power, your Motorola One 5G Ace will take some time to completely deplete the battery. As a result, you will have to wait a little longer, but once the battery is totally gone, you can recharge it and see whether or not restarting the phone is advantageous.

4: Force Reboot [ How to fix Black Screen issue on Motorola One 5G Ace ]

Because you can’t use the screen, you can’t turn off your Motorola One 5G Ace in the hopes that a short reboot will fix the issue. Android smartphones do, however, include a forced reboot technique that uses physical buttons to perform the reboot.

If there are more than three buttons, you must use Power + Volume Up, Power plus Volume Down, or other combinations. Check to see if forcing a reboot works or not.

5: Loose Display Connectors

[ Important Note: We only advise professionals to use this technique due to potential risks. Users can continue using our other methods after skipping this.]

A pogo pin connector is used to connect your smartphone to the rest of the system whether it has an LCD, IPS, or AMOLED display. Although the system in your Motorola One 5G Ace is functioning as it should, the display is unable to show any interaction due to a loose connection between the display and other components. To put things in perspective, this is what you are looking for, also known as the black screen issue.

You can press the front and rear portions of the display to see whether doing so helps revive loose display connectors. If not, we advise going to a licensed service location to have it fixed properly.

6: Use the Safe Mode

If your Motorola One 5G Ace frequently experiences a black screen issue but then fixes itself, you can use safe mode to examine what’s wrong. The system will disable all third-party programmes and processes while in safe mode. If your Motorola One 5G Ace experiences a black screen issue even in safe mode, there may be a hardware issue present or a serious software issue.

  • Press the power button to expose options, then select Safe Mode on your Motorola One 5G Ace.
  • If you long-press the “Power Off” option, a prompt asking if you want to activate Safe Mode will appear. It will launch into Safe Mode after you press “OK.”
  • To enter regular mode, just restart the phone.

7: Reset the phone [ How to fix Black Screen issue on Motorola One 5G Ace ]

You can do this if you wish to permanently cure any software problem. Take a backup of your data before doing a factory reset because everything you’ve stored and changed will be erased. You have two options for performing a “wipe data/factory reset”: using the on-screen “Reset the phone” option under “Settings,” or performing a hard reset. If you are familiar with ADB tools, you can also instruct the device to perform a factory reset from your computer.

Closing Words

Ultimately, if (sadly) none of the troubleshooting techniques indicated above work, we advise you to get over to the closest Authorized Service Center as soon as possible.

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