How to Fix App Blocking Error on XNSPY?

How to Fix App Blocking Error on XNSPY?

How to Fix App Blocking Error on XNSPY

Device monitoring applications have flooded app marketplaces for quite some time now. Most apps vie for a slice of your app-drawer space with clever features and promises that sometimes may seem too good to be true.

Xnspy has, likewise, been a name in the industry for as long as the first murmurs of remote monitoring spurred on. One of the features of Xnspy is its app blocking functionality which can disable the functionality of any app from any phone or tablet. This is a handy feature for those looking to remotely block apps on various devices for any reason.

But users can have problems with getting this feature to work. Many have scratched their heads when they find an application was blocked through Xnspy but was still accessible on the device. This can be puzzling to most users, especially new ones that can’t quite get the feature to work as expected. Others may also find that the option to block apps may not be available on their Xnspy dashboard at all.

Fret not, we’ve compiled some of the most common issues users might face when accessing Xnspy’s app blocking feature. Here’s what you should do when:

The Blocked App is Still Accessible on Target Device

There can be two issues that still enable the blocked application to be visible and usable on the target device. The first is:

1. The App is Installed on the SD Card

Android phones have the option to install applications on either of the two storage options:

  1. The device’s internal storage or ROM (Read-Only Memory).
  2. External storage that is housed within the phone (SD card).

Most phones that ship today provide both storage options to consumers and market this feature as “expandable storage.” Some flagship devices like the Samsung Galaxy S22 lineup have finally ditched this feature. Users also have the option to move apps to external storage to free up space on the device.

If you suspect the target device you wish to monitor with Xnspy has external storage, this may be a likely cause that the blocked application is still available on the phone. Here’s how you can check:

  1. Tap Settings on the target device.
  2. Navigate to the Apps & Notifications option.
  3. Then select the app you tried blocking, and click on App info.
  4. Tap Storage.
  5. If the app supports changing the storage location, a Change button appears.
  6. Check the status by tapping the option and moving it back if it is installed on the SD card.

Note: Rooted Android phones can automatically set preferences for the storage location, whereas non-rooted devices do not.

The second reason could be:

2. Phone May Have Two Instances of the Same App

Android phones now support the ability to set different user profiles, complete with their separate apps and data. These phones can also install two versions of an app on the same device with different user accounts set up. This can hamper Xnspy’s ability to remotely block apps on various devices, as Xnspy typically reads only one version of the installed app.

To verify if a second user profile is set, follow these steps:

  1. On the target device, tap Settings and navigate to Users & Accounts.
  2. The list of all accounts present on the device will be listed.
  3. To delete a profile, click the cog icon next to the profile name and click Delete.
  4. To switch to the second profile, click on the profile name.

Once in the profile, the app you wish to block with Xnspy can be manually removed. Consequently, you may also wish to remove the profile altogether.

The App Blocking Feature is Unavailable on Xnspy

Typically, there is only one reason why any feature on the Xnspy dashboard will be unavailable or greyed out:

Xnspy Basic Plan is in Use

The Xnspy Basic plan currently does not support the full suite of features. Users commonly opt for this plan as a more cost-effective version of the monitoring application. While the Basic plan has many useful features in its own right, it has a few key ones missing. For the complete spectrum, users are encouraged to upgrade their plans to Premium. Here’s how to do that if you’re already subscribed to Xnspy.

  1. Login to your Xnspy dashboard.
  2. When presented with the devices in the control panel, click the Renew tab on the far right-hand side of the screen.
  3. This will route you to the plan’s page where you can upgrade your account to Premium.

We hope now you understood how to fix App Blocking Error on XNSPY !!

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