Google Pixel 5 Bluetooth Connection Problem? Fix it

The day when we utilised Bluetooth solely for transferring data has gone. While it is still used for this purpose by some, more and more people are finding other practical uses for it, such as connecting it to their in-car entertainment system or their wireless headphones and earbuds. The ability to pair your Google Pixel 5 with other Bluetooth-enabled devices is worrisome, and for good reason.

But this isn’t the only Bluetooth problem you could encounter. The phone can’t find any nearby Bluetooth devices, the system attached, but there’s no sound, the connection drops out constantly, etc. If that’s the entire story behind your Google Pixel 5’s Bluetooth connectivity problems, read on for a realistic solution.

How To resolve Google Pixel 5 Bluetooth Connection Problem?

Slide to facilitate Bluetooth

Obviously, this is a simple plan with solid chances of success. The automated link was possible since your Google Pixel 5 did not respond to your request to activate Bluetooth. An further possibility is a software flaw that can be resolved quickly in this fashion.

  • It’s necessary to collapse the Alerts tray.
  • It requires only one tap when Bluetooth is off (as it was enabled at first).
  • Make sure the Google Pixel 5’s Bluetooth connection problem has been fixed by pressing it a few times before turning it on.

Flip on the Airplane Setting [ Google Pixel 5 Bluetooth Connection Problem ]

It’s fair a go if the first plan backfired. To prevent any unauthorised access to your Google Pixel 5, you can put it into Airplane Mode and briefly unplug it from the internet. Disconnecting it will reestablish regular operation.

  • Minimize the pop-up message box.
  • A single tap of the icon initiates Airplane Mode.
  • If you’re feeling impatient while waiting, you may activate Bluetooth and connect it with any other device that also has that ability.
  • Evaluate if this approach for resolving the issue is effective.

Restarting the Google Pixel 5 is required

Dozing off your phone in the hopes that it will immediately resolve any software issues it encountered while using the Bluetooth feature is a hat trick. If it assists others, it should help you too.

  • Hold down the power key for a few seconds, and then select “Reboot” to compel the device to restart.
  • After choosing “Power Off,” you’ll have to perform the same long gesture to turn the device back on.
  • Test the Bluetooth connection on your Google Pixel 5 to see whether the issues you were experiencing have been fixed.

To Forget and Reconnect [ Google Pixel 5 Bluetooth Connection Problem ]

You’re trying to use your Google Pixel 5, but it won’t connect to your Bluetooth TWS, speaker, or anything else you’re attempting to attach it to. If this is the first time you’ve tried to link the smartphone with this device, there might be a gazillion additional issues (that we will get back to later). Still, if you’re trying to connect up to a device that’s already been linked up, this debugging approach may prove useful.

  • To join to a gadget, select it from the list in Settings >> Bluetooth.
  • Select “Forget” or “Unpair” by clicking the cogwheel icon or three dots.
  • Try waiting a moment as we check something.
  • The next step is to enable Bluetooth on the other device and then find it using the Google Pixel 5’s search function.
  • Try pairing it to see if that stops the impending Bluetooth problem.

Interconnected, but with problems

Assume you have properly paired your device with a Bluetooth TWS and attempted to make a call, but heard nothing. However, the sound is present but cannot be published results to a faulty microphone. Maybe they both seem to be working OK, but for some cause you can’t hear the music or the dialogue in a movie. It could not have been unusual in and of itself, but the setting might have given that perception. With the help of a Google Pixel 5, you can:

  • Bluetooth may be enabled by navigating to Settings > Bluetooth > Go to >> Preferences and look for the Bluetooth device you just linked (More Options).
  • Several Android phones have different settings that affect what services a Bluetooth TWS (or other device) may access. You could have avoided all of those issues by allowing calls, input, and multimedia playback again.

Instantly fixing the issue, if these services are enabled.

Delete Cache [ Google Pixel 5 Bluetooth Connection Problem ]

It’s probable that the Bluetooth cache is to blame if your Google Pixel 5 phone isn’t identifying gadgets when you try to pair them. Removing the Bluetooth cache, it seems out, solves the issue. This is what actually took place.

  • In the start, you should browse to the Apps section of the Settings menu.
  • Try looking in the “Show System Apps” section for Bluetooth.
  • Select Bluetooth >> Storage from the menu.
  • Next, choose “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache” to delete all stored information and restart the app.
  • You’ll have to re-pair to the problematic Bluetooth device, but that should get everything working again as soon as possible.

Separation and disruption

In spite of its widespread use, few individuals seem to recall that Bluetooth has a limited selection and that disruptions can disrupt service even while it’s connected. Because of this, the audio system of TWS earbuds used with a Google Pixel 5 decreases as you move further away from the smartphone.

Closer proximity and less interference from walls or other objects may restore connection between your Google Pixel 5 and the problematic Bluetooth device.

Examine it with a variety of smartphones.

For whatever reason, you can’t pair your device with a Bluetooth speaker, smart watch, or even the headphones. The next step is to try pairing another Android smartphone with these devices. There must be a issue with your Google Pixel 5 if this works. Certainly not the other way around.

Were you sure that everything would work together?

You should be aware that your Google Pixel 5’s capacity to connect to a given Bluetooth device will vary based on the devices’ respective Bluetooth generations. The most recent Android phones use Bluetooth v5.0 and later; however, the Bluetooth device you’re trying to connect to may only support an earlier version. It’s essential to double-check the version and the compatibility.

Moreover, Bluetooth devices may associate with one another in a variety of ways. There are gadgets that only require a basic pairing, some that need you to accept pairing, and yet others that require a passcode to be entered on one device in order to input it on another. For this reason, you might want to double that you aren’t employing the improper technique of communication.

Restore Default Network Settings [ Google Pixel 5 Bluetooth Connection Problem ]

A fast reset should repair any connection problems with your Google Pixel 5 that were caused by incorrect settings.

  • Select the “Settings” menu, then “Reset Network Settings” to accomplish this.
  • It shouldn’t takes you more than just few minutes to get your network up and running again if you just follow the on-screen prompts.
  • Your Google Pixel 5 may need to be rebooted in order to check if the issue has been solved.

Adjust the software

You may be able to solve any problems on your end by installing a software patch. If you continue getting Google Pixel 5 updates, the supplier should be able to recognise your Bluetooth connection. Here you’ll learn where to look for improved version details.

  • Settings >> Open System >> Tap on Software Updates >> Check for updates.
  • Buy one if you can, and use it!
  • If you’re experiencing troubles with your Google Pixel 5, try restarting it.

Wrapping Up

We hope you were able to use one of the aforementioned methods to fix your Google Pixel 5’s Bluetooth connection problems. I hope this problem is straightforward to fix.

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