Google Pixel 3a won’t connect to PC? Just do this

You attempted to move a big (or small) document from your Google Pixel 3a to your PC, but it won’t attach to the Computer. What did go wrong? How try coming your PC doesn’t see your phone? Let’s figure out what may be wrong and what to do about it.

How to resolve Google Pixel 3a Won’t Connect To PC?

1: Attach your Google Pixel 3a to the PC as MTP

When you link your Google Pixel 3a to a PC, it automatically begins charging. You must alter to MTP or File Transfer. So that the phone recognizes that it has to be used to share data. Here are the configurations you can alter.

  • First, link your Google Pixel 3a to your PC through using power cord that came with it.
  • When you connect the mobile, you’ll get a text saying that you’re connected.
  • Go to the list of updates and tap on “Android System” or “USB Preference.” And alter it from the current configuration, “USB charging this gadget,” to “File Transfer” or “MTP.”

2: Use Developer Options

The first method works when you utilize a charging cable to connect your mobile to your computer. But you can change the operating system before you attach to a PC and make it the one you always use. What you have to do is:

  • To start, open Settings >> Go there to System >> tap on Developer Options.
  • Next up, open “Default USB Configuration”.
  • Then, choose “File Transfer” or “MTP” from the options so that your phone is always seen as a media device when it is connected to a PC.

3: Using a different USB port [ Google Pixel 3a won’t connect to PC ]

Verify to see if your Google Pixel 3a is broken if you still can’t get it to connect to your computer. First, verify the USB port on your computer. Given that most modern laptops have many USB ports, you are free to switch to a different one. If you used a broken port, the system couldn’t tell that a media device was connected to it and didn’t know what it was. Modifying to a better USB port should make things work better.

4: Check the Charging Wire

We often neglect that the cable we use to charge our phones can also be employed to send and receive data between the PC and the mobile. Still, we treat it badly by contorting, twirling, stretching, and transforming it in strange ways and then assume it will function right. Obviously, it depends on where you cut the charging cable, it might not work at all.

So, check to see if the cable you’re using to charge your phone is working. If you use a wire that isn’t made by Google or isn’t compatible with your Google Pixel 3a, you might be unable to connect it to your PC. Not often, but it can happen. Try a different charging cable, preferably one from the same company, to see if the old cable was the problem.

5: On the PC, Update the MTP driver of Google Pixel 3a

When trying to connect your Google Pixel 3a to your computer, you need to know that a motorist is needed to make the connection work. If you’re experiencing difficulty with the driver, it’s likely because it’s out of date. This means that you will have to modify it. Here’s how to update your phone’s MTP driver.

  • Before you can use your Google Pixel 3a, you have to download the driver. You can look for a driver on the manufacturer’s website (OEM) or on the Search engine.
  • First, attach the phone and PC with an Usb connection that works with both.
  • Then, click Windows + X on your computer and go off to Device Manager.
  • Add to what “portable device” means.
  • Next, open Device Manager and look for your phone in the list of devices. You can see a list of options by right-clicking on it. Click the “Update Driver” button.
  • Look through the folders on your computer to find the driver you downloaded a while ago, then let it install.
  • Once you’ve updated the driver, you can try connecting your Google Pixel 3a to your PC again to see if this method fixed the problem.

6: Software for Mac that Downloads Android Files

Not having the Android File Transfer Utility loaded on your Mac might be the reason of your failed attempts to sync your Google Pixel 3a. It serves as a connection between Android and Mac; without it, you could not have a computer at all.

  • You have to download the Android File Transfer from this link.
  • Next up is to launch the application from the Applications folder.
  • Attach your device (Google Pixel 3a) to the Mac with the help of a USB cable and check if this works.

7: Operate Windows Device Troubleshooter

This method is available to everyone working on a Windows PC. You may use a troubleshooter to determine where the connection is if you’re experiencing trouble syncing your Google Pixel 3a with your PC. Read the following directions carefully.

  • Open CMD/Windows PowerShell through Admin privileges.
  • Next up is to click on the command “msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic”.
  • A troubleshooter titled “Hardware and Devices” will open when you follow the link. As so long as you adhere to the on-screen prompts, it should be able to determine the problem and fix it without any intervention from you.

8: Use another PC [ Google Pixel 3a won’t connect to PC ]

You haven’t connected your phone to your laptop yet, have you? So, at this juncture, what steps ought to be taken? Why not test out various computer systems instead of continuing with the one you’ve been using? That should work, at least as well. In any case, we have such a backup plan.

9: Go to an authorized service center

This is your best bet if you’re totally cut off from the internet and computers. Take it to an authorized service center, describe the issue to a specialist over the phone, and wait for them to fix it for you. The expert at the center can diagnose if the issue is triggered by malfunctioning hardware or software and fix it correctly.

Closing Words

If you were having difficulties synchronizing your phone with your computer, I hope these ideas helped.

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