Google Pay transaction issue | What to do when a transaction fails?

Google Pay transaction issue | What to do when a transaction fails?

Google Pay transaction issue

This article is dedicated to those who are facing transaction related issue in their Google Pay app. No doubt, Google Pay (Previously Tez) is one of the leading online payment systems in India as well as in many other markets around the world.

Google Pay enables options like online payments, money transfers, and transactions on your Android devices. Because of zero transaction fees, the coupons, rewards, and cashback offered by GPay, and the contactless money transfers, the growth of Google Pay is exponential in recent years.

When the transactions and usages increase, the complaints do also increase. That’s why we decided to share some possible solutions when you face transaction-related issues in Google Pay app.

How a transaction happens, and Why it fails?

When you perform a transaction, Google Pay redirects you to the payment system provider server (like BHIM, RazorPay). If the payment system provider server faces any connection issue during the authentication process, the payment transaction fails. But the payment will be received at the payment system provider end.

In such a situation, immediately the auto refund gets processed by the payment system provider, and the deducted money refunds within 3-7 working days. That’s the reason you don’t have to worry much. 

Google Pay transaction issue | What to do when it fails?

Do Basic tests

Check the transaction history. If the transaction is successful & green, the receiver will receive the money; if the transaction is still processing or failed, the amount should credit within the refund period.

Case 1: Transaction status is successful but the recipient did not receive the amount.

Check your bank statement & receiver bank statement, and confirm the same.

There are chances of the system failing to notify the transaction.

Case 2: Transaction status failed; refund not received within the refund period.

Case 3: Transaction status Processing; amount debited from sender account, neither refund received nor receiver receive the amount within the refund period.

Solution 1: Raise a dispute | Google Pay transaction issue

In the Google Pay app: Go to Show transaction history, select the failed transaction, click on Raise dispute, and Click Continue.

Solution 2: Chat with Customer care support

Click on your profile picture on the top right of the screen → Help & Feedback → Get Help → click on Contact Support.

Select Contact us → Type the keyword in Tell us what you need to help with → Click Next → Click Other in Contact Option → Click Chat.

You can chat with the support executive and resolve the issue.

Solution 3: Call Google Pay India customer care

You can reach the customer care number toll-free at 1-800-419-0157.

Solution 4: Contact support expert

In the Google Pay app, click on your profile picture on the top right of the screen. 

Select Help & FeedbackGet HelpFix Help in Transactions → Get Help with your recent transaction → Select your GPay account → Select the transaction you are facing the issue → Select the issue → Choose Yes → Call a Google Pay support agent.

Explain your issue and contact details → Click Call me.

You will get a call back from the GPay support expert. 

Still, your issue is not solved?

Solution 5: Contact Google Pay India Grievance Support

You can contact Google Pay India Grievance support by visiting here. Fill up the details and explain your problem in the given form.

Google Pay India grievance officer will help you out in resolving the issue.

Hope we helped you to know about the actions to be taken to resolve the Google Pay transaction issue.

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