Flipkart sent an EMPTY BOX instead of POCO M3: Claims Customer

Flipkart sent an EMPTY BOX instead of POCO M3: Claims Customer

Customer claims that Flipkart sent empty box instead of POCO M3

This article is about a customer who bought POCO M3 online from Flipkart but has claimed that this e-commerce company has sent just an empty box instead of the smartphone. Because of many of the tangible and intangible advantages, we prefer to buy our products on e-commerce platforms.

Flipkart is one of the e-commerce legends in India. It deals with more than 9M shipments per month. We know the performance and growth rate of Flipkart in the Indian Market.

But when numbers are high and in hassle, Even Legends make Mistakes.

In this particular incident, it looks like Flipkart, the e-commerce legend has failed to deliver a product.

Flipkart sent an empty box instead of POCO M3?

Here’s a complete story,

Mr. Jogendra Patra was waiting for his POCO M3 mobile, which he paid and ordered through Flipkart (Order ID:  OD120970789679560000) on 9th February 2021.

The shipment was delivered on 13th February 2021.

Everything was normal till Jogendra unpacked the shipment. All his joy fades away immediately and left him shell shock because there was no mobile inside the package (Empty Box). Immediately he took the issue to the Flipkart support team. The team promised to resolve his problem before the return period. (Normally 7-30 days).


The above tweet posted by Jogendra Patra claims how Flipkart sent an empty box instead of POCO M3.

What happened next?

Whoever be, a company should not let down its customer and should not lose its trust. But the Flipkart support team blocked Jogendra, he found later. It looks like all his faith in the Flipkart service has now vanished off. He posted tweets about his issue. He also tagged @flipkart @flipkartsupport @IndiaPOCO @POCOsupport in his tweets in search of help to get back his refund amount or replacement phone.


Did Jogendra receive a refund or replacement?


As per Jogendra, till now, he received neither the replacement nor the refund. Flipkart support replied that they have clarified the issue. Let the system function in their way, but before concluding, it is Flipkart’s prime responsibility to investigate and solve the issue in the right way.

Losing hard-earned money without any proper reason and fighting for it for more than 30 days in the name of protocol and system conclusion is not at all good.

We hope Flipkart will resolve this issue by investigating this matter. We will be in touch with Jogendra till his issue gets resolved.

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