Troubleshooting Guide: Fingerprint Sensor Issues on Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite

In this article, we will explore the potential causes behind this problem and provide you with a comprehensive troubleshooting guide to help you resolve the fingerprint sensor issues on your Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite.

I. Understanding the Fingerprint Sensor on Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite:

Before delving into the troubleshooting steps, let’s take a moment to understand how the fingerprint sensor on the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite works. The device utilizes an optical under-display fingerprint sensor, which captures your fingerprint image and matches it with the stored data to grant access to your device. This technology offers convenience and enhanced security compared to traditional PIN or pattern unlocks.

II. Common Causes of Fingerprint Sensor Issues:

  1. Dirt, Dust, or Moisture: The presence of dirt, dust, or moisture on the fingerprint sensor can interfere with its functionality. This could lead to inaccurate readings or a complete failure to recognize your fingerprint.
  2. Software Glitches: Occasionally, software glitches or bugs within the operating system can cause the fingerprint sensor to malfunction. These issues can arise due to outdated software, incompatible apps, or system conflicts.
  3. Fingerprint Sensor Hardware: In rare cases, the fingerprint sensor hardware itself may be faulty or damaged, resulting in non-responsive or inconsistent performance.

III. Troubleshooting Steps to Resolve Fingerprint Sensor Issues:

Now that we have identified the potential causes, let’s move on to the troubleshooting steps to fix fingerprint sensor issues on your Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite:

Step 1: Clean the Fingerprint Sensor:

Start by ensuring that the fingerprint sensor is clean and free from any dirt or residue. Gently wipe the sensor area with a clean, soft cloth. Avoid using abrasive materials or liquids that could damage the sensor.

Step 2: Add and Re-register Fingerprints:

If cleaning the sensor doesn’t resolve the issue, you can try removing and re-adding your fingerprints. Follow these steps:

a) Go to “Settings” on your Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite. b) Tap on “Password & security” or “Security & privacy” depending on your device’s software version. c) Select “Fingerprint” and enter your PIN or pattern when prompted. d) Tap on “Manage fingerprints” or a similar option and delete the existing fingerprints. e) Follow the on-screen instructions to register your fingerprints again.

Step 3: Update System Software:

Outdated software can sometimes lead to fingerprint sensor problems. Ensure that your Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite is running the latest available software version. You can check for updates by following these steps:

a) Go to “Settings.” b) Scroll down and tap on “About phone.” c) Select “System update” or “Software update” and check for any available updates. d) If an update is available, download and install it following the on-screen instructions.

Step 4: Safe Mode and Troubleshoot Third-Party Apps:

To identify if a third-party app is causing conflicts with the fingerprint sensor, you can boot your Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite into safe mode. In safe mode, only the pre-installed system apps will be active, temporarily disabling any third-party apps. Follow these steps:

a) Press and hold the power button until the power options menu appears on the screen. b) Long-press the “Power off” option until a pop-up appears. c) Select “OK” to enter safe mode. d) Test the fingerprint sensor in safe mode. If it works fine, it indicates that a third-party app is causing the issue. Uninstall recently installed apps or use process-of-elimination to identify the problematic app.

Step 5: Perform a Factory Reset:

If none of the above steps have resolved the fingerprint sensor problem, performing a factory reset can be a last resort. Remember to back up your data before proceeding, as a factory reset will erase all data on your device.

a) Go to “Settings.” b) Scroll down and tap on “System & device” or “System & updates.” c) Select “Reset” or “Backup & reset.” d) Tap on “Factory data reset” and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.


The fingerprint sensor on your Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite is a convenient and secure way to unlock your device. If you’re facing issues with the fingerprint sensor not working correctly, follow the troubleshooting steps outlined in this guide. By cleaning the sensor, re-registering your fingerprints, updating the software, and addressing potential app conflicts, you can resolve most fingerprint sensor problems. In rare cases, if the problem persists, consider reaching out to Xiaomi’s customer support for further assistance. Enjoy the convenience of secure unlocking with your Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite!

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