Fingerprint sensor not working on Motorola Edge Plus? Fix it now

Anyone would tell you that utilising the fingerprint sensor is the fastest way to unlock a phone. The phone is instantly unlocked, allowing you to use it however you like. Since fingerprints can be used to guess passwords and are less likely to be faked, the scanner offers an extremely high level of protection. What if you discovered that the fingerprint sensor on your Motorola Edge Plus is not functioning?

It appears that other users have reported having the same problems. The sensor’s downtime could last a short while or be prolonged. You can use the troubleshooting techniques listed below.

1: Check if your Fingers are clean [ Fingerprint sensor not working on Motorola Edge Plus ]

A sophisticated device that scans fingerprints and grants access after authentication is the fingerprint sensor. Even if you are the phone owner and use the appropriate finger in the proper manner, damp, dry, or filthy fingertips can prevent a fingerprint sensor from recording the stimuli, and since the sensor was unable to validate your fingerprint, it won’t operate.

Retry after wiping your finger clean with a napkin or tissue. We often advise registering two or three fingers so that you can still unlock your Motorola Edge Plus with your middle finger or thumb if your index finger gets dirty.

2: Check if the Fingerprint sensor is clean

It’s time to take care of the fingerprint sensor, assuming your finger is clean. It will have trouble authenticating the user if it isn’t clean. You will have trouble using the fingerprint sensor to unlock your Motorola Edge Plus if it is partially or completely covered with oils, liquids, or other materials since they will affect how well the sensor registers touches.

To clean the module, use a tissue or a lightly moistened cloth. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t remove the debris that has accumulated on the module with hard or sharp things like keys because doing so will just increase the damage.

3: Reboot the phone [ Fingerprint sensor not working on Motorola Edge Plus ]

Do not assume that this approach won’t work in this situation. It turns out that transient software issues can make the phone’s fingerprint scanner act strangely, such as by failing to recognise a fingerprint. So, after a fast reboot, you may truly start to remedy this momentary software issue.

4: Software Updates

It is advisable to periodically update outdated software to remove any issues from your Motorola Edge Plus. You may be experiencing problems with the fingerprint scanner not working due of outdated firmware.

Checking to see if there is an update available won’t take long. If so, all you need to do is download and instal it using Settings >> About Phone >> Software Updates (System Updates).

5: Wipe cache partition [ Fingerprint sensor not working on Motorola Edge Plus ]

You must boot into recovery mode in order to use this specific technique. We strongly advise avoiding this strategy if you aren’t at ease using it. You can use this option to delete the system cache on your Motorola Edge Plus if you wish to move forward. This is how it goes.

  • You should shut off your Motorola Edge Plus.
  • The recovery mode must be activated. Use the Volume UP + Power or Volume DOWN + Power buttons, as appropriate. Keep pressing the buttons until the phone enters recovery mode.
  • Change between settings by using the volume rockers at this point. For selection, press the power button. Notably, this instance lacks a functional touchscreen.
  • Choosing “Wipe Cache Partition”

6: Reset your Motorola Edge Plus

This approach resembles firing the final shot into the victim’s head. This is due to the fact that all previously stored data on your Motorola Edge Plus will be erased if you perform a reset. We don’t advise using this procedure without a data backup.

  • Go to Settings first.
  • Reset Options >> System >> Next Destroy all data (factory reset).
  • The decision to proceed or not will be presented to you. Finally, input the password to confirm and start the reset operation after selecting “Erase All Data” to indicate your agreement.

7: Report the issue

It’s time to bring in the major guns if you are still having trouble getting your Motorola Edge Plus’s fingerprint sensor to function. We are referring to seeking assistance from a certified technician at the approved service location for your phone. Although you run the risk of voiding the device’s warranty, you can still report the problem to a nearby service centre.


These were some of the ways to troubleshoot your Motorola Edge Plus’s malfunctioning fingerprint sensor.

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