Facing GPS problem in Android? Here's how you can fix it

Facing GPS problem in Android? Here’s how you can fix it

GPS problem in Android

If you’re facing a problem related to GPS in your Android smartphone then this article is especially for you. In the olden days everyone used to carry maps with them but today GPS has become a basic need in day-to-day life. Global positioning system (GPS) is the feature that is available at our fingertips, GPS has changed the world being able to tell where you are to corner of the earth and has a huge impact on business and travel.

With GPS in your device, there is no way you get lost in this world. With every great technology, comes issues too. Here are some simple procedures to overcome the GPS issue.

Steps to resolve GPS Problem in Android

Step1. Try to switch ON/OFF your GPS.

Go to the main menu click on settings, in settings go to locations, and turn OFF for some time and ON. You can also drag the notification bar turn ON/OFF the locations and

Check if GPS is working or not.

Step2. Switch ON/OFF Airplane Mode.

    Switch ON airplane mode for 10 to 15 seconds and then turn OFF Airplane mode

Check the GPS if it is working.

Step3. Turn OFF Power saving mode.

    Go to settings, in settings, select battery, and turn off Power Saving mode or simply you can turn off power-saving mode in the notification bar.

Step4. Check your GPS settings.

    Go to the settings menu and search for location and tap on it. In locations tap on modes and select High Accuracy mode.

Step5. Google MAPS.

    Try to clear cache and data of google maps and give permissions for location access.

Update Google maps to the latest version on the play store. 

These are some simple steps to fix a problem related to GPS on any Android device. If they don’t fix the issue then check if you have working data or a Wi-Fi connection. Try to move to different areas or spots, if there are obstacles like a high wall or some metal objects stay away from them.

Avoid undergrounds and hilly areas for better GPS connections. Lastly, restart your device or there may be some hardware problems, you can repair it or buy a new device.

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