Call getting disconnected automatically on Google Pixel 6? Fix it

The most fundamental feature of your phone is the ability to make calls. Only a cellular network is required; it doesn’t require WiFi or mobile data (unless you’re referring to WiFi Calling). Depending on the network’s power, your voice may be perfectly clear or it may crackle. It turns out that calls on your Google Pixel 6 can be automatically disconnected while you’re on the phone, whether you’re the one calling or the one being called. It is frustrating in both situations, which is why you are looking for a solution right now.

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Here are a few solutions to fix the call terminating automatically on your Google Pixel 6 after sifting through numerous manuals and OEMs’ suggestions.

Check for Network strength

Are phone calls automatically cut off? Dropped calls? Call quality is poor, the voice is crackling, or it isn’t audible? All of these may occur if your Google Pixel 6’s network signal strength is weak. On your phone, the status bar will show you the current network strength. It can be identified by a right-angled triangle or a group of bars organized in ascending sequence. The adage “the more the merrier” is self-evident.

Check if it is just you or others too

You just noticed that the network is adequate (but not outstanding), which should be sufficient for you to place and receive calls, but you can’t. Why? Zeroing the list of potential causes is the greatest strategy for identifying the offender. The first thing you should check is whether the call connectivity issue you are experiencing only affects you or everyone using the same carrier.

The outcomes are rather obvious. If it only affects you, your Google Pixel 6 has a problem. However, if it affects everyone, it might be a carrier issue that will be resolved eventually.

Use Airplane Mode [ Call getting disconnected automatically on Google Pixel 6 ]

A Google Pixel 6 in aeroplane mode is one of the quickest fixes for any network issue. Until it is engaged, it does put your Google Pixel 6 in a no cellular network reception mode. However, it has a history of success. It is undoubtedly one of the many troubleshooting techniques that we have discovered to be effective and is therefore discussed here.

  • On your Google Pixel 6, slide down the notification panel.
  • The “Airplane Mode” icon can be found in the Quick Settings section. Tap it to activate it.
  • Disengage it after a brief period of holding on.
  • To see if you can make and receive calls without any problems, check your phone.

Reboot your Google Pixel 6

Rebooting your Google Pixel 6 can solve a lot of problems, so call it the mother of all solutions. Since it puts the system to sleep, it terminates all open programmes and background processes as well as reallocates resources. Since you are restarting the Google Pixel 6, any software issues will be resolved, enabling you to easily reinstall the phone’s ability to make and receive calls.

  • This isn’t rocket science. For 3–4 seconds, hold down the power button.
  • After choosing “Power Off” or “Reboot,” wait for 1-2 minutes.
  • The phone should immediately turn ON if you hold down the power button for 3–4 seconds.

Call Carrier to find the issue

Give your current carrier a call if the call connectivity is a problem and ask them what’s wrong and what needs to be done. The representative ought to be able to identify the issue. Whether there is less network coverage in your area or if you are experiencing a problem, such as a broken network reception antenna,

Clear Phone App Cache [ Call getting disconnected automatically on Google Pixel 6 ]

The phone’s operating system generates and stores cache files to speed up specific operations like opening particular apps and processes, accessing information you would inquire about often, etc. However, cache files are frequently the cause of a variety of troubles and appear to be the reason why calls on your Google Pixel 6 automatically disconnect. It turns out that eliminating caching completely is simpler. This is how it works.

  • Find the Phone app, Truecaller, or any other calling-related software since that is the issue.
  • To bring up a pop-up, long-press the icon and choose “App Info.”
  • It should work if you go to its Storage and click the “Clear Cache” option.

Get a Mobile Signal Booster

It works whether you call it a signal booster or amplifier. It effectively enhances the tower signal, promoting more beneficial and stable cellular reception. It should be purchased from Amazon or another source, and you should set it up on your own. If not, get a set-up expert on the phone.

Update the OS [ Call getting disconnected automatically on Google Pixel 6 ]

Android OS is what your Google Pixel 6 runs. Updates are necessary to maintain the software operational and to address any bugs. The OS update becomes relevant in this situation. Here is how to go about it.

  • Open Software Updates by going to Settings >> About Phone >> System.
  • You must determine whether an update is available or not.
  • In such case, download and set it up.
  • If not, wait for your Google Pixel 6 to receive an update. Additionally, you can look through a modified ROM like Pixel Experience, but that is optional.

Port to a different Carrier

Although the network in your area, whether at the workplace or at home, is functioning properly with your present telecom provider, there are other problems. If you’re having problems with your current carrier, switching to a different one can help. Retaining your phone number while switching from Vodafone to another carrier that offers high-quality services in your neighbourhood is more simpler than, say, AT&T or a mix of other carriers.

Ask your current carrier for specifics because the porting process can vary depending on the nation in which you reside.

Get help [ Call getting disconnected automatically on Google Pixel 6 ]

The fact that this is your last option should go without saying. You only need to seek assistance from a licenced service centre if you are unable to resolve the call on your Google Pixel 6 automatically disconnecting issue. The technician may assist with problem diagnosis, determine whether it’s a hardware or software issue, and troubleshoot it.

Keep in mind that you can also visit a nearby service center. However, if your Google Pixel 6 is still under warranty, that will result in it being voided. In order to maintain the warranty while also fixing the issue, report to an authorized centre.


This troubleshooting instruction works with all Android devices, excluding the Google Pixel 6 device. But there isn’t a one-size-fits-all manual accessible. According to the severity of the problem, this implies that a portion of the users who were having trouble will still have trouble. Therefore, it is best to use this guide as a reference, try the procedures again, and, if necessary, report the problem to a support center.

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