What are some Best Video Editing Apps for Android? Check out these 3

What are some Best Video Editing Apps for Android? Check out these 3

best video editing apps for android

There was a time when people were looking for a PC to edit quality videos. But now, what we can see is time has changed. With Android smartphones and their App developers, video editing has become a piece of cake, as advanced video editing apps are available for free. Thanks to the competitive marketplace. In this article, we’ll give you the top 3 best video editing apps for Android.

Before that, we would like to clarify that this is a completely unbiased & non-sponsored article created just for information purpose. Thanks to the competitive marketplace. Now, prepare yourself to know about one of the most famous, sophisticated, and premium video editor apps available for Android devices.

1. ActionDirector [ Best Video Editing Apps for Android ]

ActionDirector Video Editor is developed by Cyberlink Corp., the makers of PowerDirector. This app is awarded as a Best App of the Year in the class of Most Entertaining Apps. 

And it is also awarded as the Editor’s Choice app by Google Playstore.

What does it provide?

ActionDirector Video editor is just a 36Mb App. But in this app, you can easily capture a video, cut or trim it, edit and adjust the contrast, brightness, and saturation of the video.

You can also add special effects like slow-motion or speed-up effect, add background music for the video segments, and add texts and titles with its relatively simple user interface.

And more importantly, you can produce videos with Ultra HD (4k) quality.

Make Ultra HD videos for Free

Why need to pay if you can watch Ad?

After editing your video, tap the Produce button in the top right corner.

It will take you to the Select video resolution screen.

If you want Ultra HD (4k) resolution or Full HD 1080p resolution, select the video quality and press Start.

It will take you to the ActionDirector Premium screen and ask you to select the premium plan.

Don’t worry, press Back to exit this window.

It will lead you to Watch Rewarded Ads screen.

Watch the rewarded ad (max 30 seconds), and produce your Ultra HD videos.

Is this app is free?

Not completely.

You need to subscribe to ActionDirector Premium, to remove the watermark from videos and enjoy the ad-free video editor app. Once you have a subscription then the App will be enabled to for you to access more stock videos and audios available in the ActionDirector Premium.

ActionDirector Premium Plans:

Rs.330.00/- per month | Rs.1250.00/- for 12 months.

You can check this App on Google Play Store by visiting here.

Not interested? No worries, let’s move on to another App

2. VN VIDEO EDITOR [ Best Video Editing Apps for Android ]

VN Video Editor Maker is obviously one of the most dependable video editing apps for android devices. Are you a beginner? You can use it. Are you a professional? you can also it.

Thanks to VN LLC., the developer of this video editing app for Android smartphones.

Features of VN Video Editor Maker

VN Editor Maker looks professional, simple to edit, smooth user interface, offers trim & cut, delete clips and add the desired soundtrack for your video.

What else? Almost everything.

A timeline with multiple layers, with a bunch of videos and audio effects. Also, a Portrait mode editing, add texts and phrases and stickers in your video.

With simple touch and easily understandable icons, you can do everything.

What makes VN Video Editor Maker Special?

It supports Ultra HD (4k) resolution videos with 60 frames per second. You can edit green screen footage, offers to change keyframe animations, and curve speed. Ultimately, and most importantly!! It offers a Free Video editor app with a watermark-free Android video editor.

VN Video Editor Maker app provides Ad-free video editing.

You can check this App on Google Play Store by visiting here.

3. VLLO – Video Editor & Maker [ Best Video Editing Apps for Android ]

Are you looking for a swift, easy, and at the same time accurate video editing app? You can consider VLLO. This App is developed by Vimosoft & is another completely free video editing app, which helps you to edit your Vlogs, Youtube, Insta Reel videos with the utmost ease.

What you can do in VLLO?

You can define your video with various filters, adjust contrast, brightness, and shadows. In addition to this, you can highlight clips, add graphic transitions, image insertion, comfortable zoom in and zoom out, and fade-in, fade-out transitions.

You can also add animations in your videos, freeze clips and add keyframe animations.

Most importantly, when using VLLO, you don’t have to worry about aspect ratio or other professional technical features. You can choose a video and start editing without worrying about anything.

VLLO offers Copywrite-free audios, sound effects for you. You can also add your soundtrack in your videos from your android device.

Best features of VLLO

VLLO supports motion customization. And it also has a feature called Motion Sticker, in which you can add impressive transition effects and animations.

Is VLLO watermark-free? Yes. VLLO is a watermark-free video editing app available for android. You can find this App on Google Play Store by visiting here.

We hope, this article will finally help you to select the best video editing app for your Android smartphone.

Happy Video Editing!!

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