Applications Keep Crashing On Samsung Galaxy A12? Do this

Present day cell phones are so technologically sophisticated that the computers used in the Apollo 11 moon landing seem antiquated in contrast. The user’s own creativity is the only true barrier when it comes to surpassing the smartphone’s arbitrary but present constraints. Frustrating as it may be, experiencing app crashes on your Samsung Galaxy A12 is a common problem.

There might be a lot of other factors at play here. But, this must be fixed if you want your phone to function at its maximum capacity. We have compiled the following list of potential solutions to your problem after conducting a quick search of our database.

Update the OS

As you may imagine, bad firmware can have serious repercussions. There is a software issue that may prevent certain apps from functioning correctly on your Samsung Galaxy A12. More parts means more room for error, and the operating system is the glue that allows the software and hardware to talk to each other.

As it turns out, half the battle is won just by updating your system regularly. In the event that an update is available, get the file, and launch the installer. As far as I can tell, that is uncomplicated. For this reason, we considered it to be the best option for fixing your issue.

Force stop the freezing App

Sometimes, no matter how many times you try to open a program or use a function, it just won’t work. There is obviously a major issue. If an app on your Samsung Galaxy A12 is malfunctioning, you can try restarting it by closing it and opening it again.

This strategy will be effective only if there are few programs that frequently become unresponsive or freeze. But, something else must be at play if this is happening with every app.

  • Stop using the app at the moment.
  • The app’s contents may be viewed by touching and holding the symbol for a few seconds.
  • Use the “Force Stop” button to stop the process immediately.
  • Start the software back up and see whether it works now.

Check for Internet Connection

The bulk of Android applications do require access to the internet. Without access to WiFi or a data plan, you won’t be able to utilize any of these programmes. The reliability or steadiness of the link might be compromised. If access to the internet is restored, the problem may no longer exist.

Switching Internet service providers (ISPs), mobile data carriers, or moving closer to a WiFi hotspot are all options for connecting a Samsung Galaxy A12 to the internet. You’re free to attempt any of the hundreds of additional options, such as a WiFi network booster, that could help you get back online.

Clear App Cache [ Applications Keep Crashing On Samsung Galaxy A12 ]

To quickly start apps and offer quick access to frequently used features, your Samsung Galaxy A12 keeps data in a cache. It’s not uncommon for cache files to be rewritten, which can cause a number of issues. When an app stops working properly, clearing its cache is a common remedy. While using Android, however, you may erase the cache of a single app without affecting the others, unlike Apple’s iOS.

  • You may get rid of the app and everything associated with it by going to Settings >> Apps (or Apps). Then, head to Alerts > All Applications after you’re done.
  • To free up space, select ”¬†clear cache” from the Storage menu and then choose the apps whose caches you want to remove.
  • Occasionally, clearing the cache of a crash-prone application is all that’s needed to fix it, with no negative effects on any other software.
  • Be sure to monitor the app’s analytics to learn its true worth.

The App might not be compatible

Games and other apps that weren’t optimized for the Samsung Galaxy A12 frequently experience bugs. Finding a replacement app is preferable than constantly attempting to work around the issue if an app keeps crashing or doesn’t seem to be compatible.

Update Apps [ Applications Keep Crashing On Samsung Galaxy A12 ]

Regular updates are required for the Samsung Galaxy A12 apps. Remember that this isn’t only about gaining access to some new and exciting features or services. The app’s defences are bolstered, though, because any faults that are brought to light may be fixed quickly. Even with these benefits, though, upgrading your programs can boost your system’s overall performance.

  • You must go to the Google Play Store.
  • You may check to see whether updates have been disabled for any programmes in the “Manage applications and devices” section.
  • Just following the on-screen prompts will allow you to upgrade your applications individually or in bulk.
  • Using the “Auto Updates” function is another way to ensure the security of your machine.

Uninstall an App(s)

Cache integrity checks aside, a newly installed software might still be to blame. It’s possible that the Samsung Galaxy A12 crashing is due to incompatible software or programs. To test if the sequence in which episodes are deleted makes a difference, though, you can try doing so. That is to say, whichever software was installed most recently will be the target of uninstallation. It is critical to track down whoever is responsible for the malicious software.

In order to temporarily deactivate any extensions, you must switch to Safe Mode. In spite of popular belief, plugins are not the cause of so many crashes.

Storage space cleaning [ Apps Keep Crashing On Samsung Galaxy A12 ]

Your Samsung Galaxy A12 may stutter if you don’t give it enough room to operate. When more data is saved than can be processed in a given period, response speeds decrease and eventually stop altogether. It would seem like wiping data from a storage device is akin to putting a bullet in your own brain. As long as you delete old files, unneeded software, and other junk, you should be OK. An additional microSD card can be used for additional storage.

Pull off a Factory Reset

All data will be lost, so make sure you have a backup before using this rather extreme measure.

  • Go to Menu > About Phone (or System) to get device backup and reset options (or Reset). Although certain Android phones may change the names or locations of menu items, the basic mechanisms for gaining access to the same functionality remain same across all models.
  • Choosing “Reset All Data” will delete all of your account information and start over (Factory Reset).
  • Go onto the next task as soon as you’ve completed the current one. If you’ve already done that and are still experiencing app issues on your Samsung Galaxy A12, you may need to restart your device.

Get help [ Applications Keep Crashing On Samsung Galaxy A12 ]

If you have tried everything else and the product still isn’t working, take it to a service centre. After speaking with the expert, the problem should be fixed.

Wrapping Up

Our detailed guide on how to stop apps from crashing on your Samsung Galaxy A12 now comes to a close.

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