Applications Keep Crashing On LG WING 5G? Do this

Have you heard about the fact that the current generation of smartphones is more powerful than the computers used during the first manned mission to the moon? Well, even though the limitations of a smartphone are limited by the bearer’s imagination, it isn’t proof of errors, to be honest. One of the most annoying issues after the WiFi not working issue would be Applications keep crashing on your LG WING 5G.

Several reasons could be behind the issue. But at the end of the day, it is an issue and needs to be ironed out in case you want to use your phone to the fullest. After scorching through the database of what you can do in such situations, here’s a summary of what you should do.

Update the OS

“A lot can happen over faulty firmware”. Turns out a bug in a current firmware can cause issues breaking apps from working on your LG WING 5G. This is because the OS forms a foundation where both apps and physical hardware components interact and with many moving parts, it is easy to end up in trouble.

Turns out simply keeping the system updated is a half-battle won. All you need is to check whether there’s a pending update, if yes, download and install it. That sounds easy, isn’t it? Well, it is and that’s why it is on top of our troubleshooting guide.

Force stop the freezing App

An app is freezing and not responding when you tap on it to open or do a certain task that triggers the issue. Turns out this is a problem. So, force stop the culprit app in your LG WING 5G and check whether it resolves the problem for you or not.

Of course, this method works when there are one or two apps facing freezing or unresponsive behavior. But not if all the apps are facing the same fate signaling that something else is the cause.

  • Exit from the said app.
  • Long-press on the app icon and select “App Info”.
  • Hit the “Force Stop” button and that’s it.
  • Restart the app and check whether this temporary error has been ironed out or not.

Check for Internet Connection

A majority of apps on Android use the internet to support their working because that is how it works. You can either use WiFi or mobile data and without a working and reliable internet connection, you won’t be able to do literally anything on these apps. Turns out instability or unreliability in internet connection could be a problem. Fixing the internet issues can fix the problem along the way.

In your LG WING 5G phone, you can either use a different carrier for mobile data or draw closer to a WiFi router or simply change the ISP. Of course, there are hundreds of courses of action here that we haven’t mentioned like using a WiFi network amplifier but as long as it fixes the internet connection, you can do it.

Clear App Cache [ Applications Keep Crashing On LG WING 5G ]

An app on your LG WING 5G accumulates cache files which are then used to retrieve the app or certain functions faster. However, cache files are overwritten and that can cause way too many issues albeit not all at once. The common fix here is to clear the app cache. Unlike iOS, Android allows clearing cache files at an individual app level.

  • To clear the app cache, all you have to do is go to Settings >> Apps (Applications or Apps. Then Notifications) >> All apps.
  • Now, click on the apps that have the most memory >> Storage and hit the “Clear Cache” button.
  • If you have a specific app that is crashing too much, you can clear cache for the particular app and not others.
  • Monitor the app’s performance and check whether it has helped you or not.

The App might not be compatible

Applications keep crashing on Android issues is common for apps that are not compatible with LG WING 5G. If you think that an app is not compatible or if it repeatedly crashes, it is better to use an alternative of the app in question rather than letting it crash over and over again.

Update Apps [ Applications Keep Crashing On LG WING 5G ]

You should always keep the applications installed on your LG WING 5G updated. Note that this isn’t just to gain new features or services that it might bring. But it strengthens the app’s mechanism against any bugs as developers patch it as soon as they discover it. Apart from that, updating apps improve the general stability of the system as well, and thus, it is highly recommended.

  • All you have to do is to go to Google Play Store.
  • Proceed to its “Manage apps and devices” section and check out the list of apps that have intercepted updates.
  • Tap on the “Update” button against each app or hit the “Update All” button.
  • Additionally, turn on “Auto Updates” that ensures apps are updated over WiFi (or mobile data) when they arrive automatically.

Uninstall an App(s)

Turns out if the cache is not a problem, a third-party app that you just downloaded could pose a problem. It could be anything from an incompatible app or if an existing app is triggering applications to keep crashing on your LG WING 5G for another one. In any case, try uninstalling the apps in the descending order of dates. This means the last app you downloaded is uninstalled first. You should be able to zero down the particular app that caused the problem.

Alternatively, you can boot into the Safe Mode where all third-party apps are temporarily blocked. If the apps still crash, neither of the third-party apps are causing any issue.

Clear the storage [ Applications Keep Crashing On LG WING 5G ]

Apparently, lack of storage can cause choke-ups in your LG WING 5G phone’s performance. You will feel it as soon as the storage is filling up, eventually lagging and freezing when the storage is near full. Turns out clearing the storage can act as a buster fixing the problem right away. All you have to do is to clear cache, uninstall unwanted apps, delete unwanted files. Also you can use a microSD card for storage (if you have the functionality) and that should save the day.

Pull off a Factory Reset

Apparently, this is the final measure to fix any kind of issue although this will essentially wipe out all the data so a backup is recommended.

  • Navigate to Settings >> About Phone (or System) >> Backup and reset (or Reset). Turns out the method is the same on all Android phones although the placement of options and their nomenclature can differ.
  • You need to select “Reset All Data (Factory Reset)”.
  • Once the process is done, set it up as a new one. Then check whether the Applications keep crashing on your LG WING 5G problem is gone or not.

Get help [ Applications Keep Crashing On LG WING 5G ]

If you still can’t fix the problem, walk into a nearby service center and report the problem. The technician should be able to fix the problem for you.

Wrapping Up

With that, this ends our troubleshooting guide on how to fix Applications that keeps crashing on your LG WING 5G.

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