App crashes in Android? Here’s how to fix such issue

Everyone hates when app crashes happen on an Android phone. Many times in such a situation, we directly uninstall the app. Is uninstalling or removing the app from your device is the solution to such crashes? Well, that’s not the ultimate solution. In this article, we’ll be sharing some tips to fix such app crashes issue.

Fix App crashes in Android issue

Here are some simple methods to fix the App crash issue in Android devices.

Clear App Data and Cache

One of the most effective and known methods for fixing app crashes in Android phones is to clear data and cache memory. To do this go to setting in the main menu, find the Apps option and open it, search for the app that is crashing on your device. Now open the storage options, click on clear cache, then click clear data. You can check if your app is running properly or not.

Force stop

An easier way to fix a crash is to force-stop the app. Go to setting apps, search the app you want to fix, press force stops. You can also go to the main menu, press and hold the app for 2 seconds and you can see a pop-up saying app info, click on that and press force stop.


If the app crashing continuously, close the app, clear from the recent menu and restart or reboot your device and check the app.

Reinstalling and check for app permission

Uninstall the app and reinstall it again to check if the app is from the original developer or not. Once installed give all the permission the app required to run properly. To give such permissions, press and hold the app for 2 seconds on the main menu click on the app info, then go to permission and give the required permission.

Keep Apps Updated 

Always check for app updates in the play store Or on the web but before installing it check if the app is from the original developers. Always keep checking for updates where developers update the app for ongoing issues.

Free up Space

This is the main factor to be considered for app crashes in your Android phone. Always make sure that you never use the space close to its full limit, so that apps open easily and runs smooth and also apps crash is reduced.

These are some simple methods to fix the crashes issue in an Android phone. Be sure you follow all these methods so that you can fix such issues.

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