Android Phone Stuck on Boot Screen? Try this

If you search for an Android phone stuck on the boot screen, it turns out that this is neither all that common but also not all that uncommon. It may be activated by anything, such as installing a new app, upgrading to an additional sophisticated OS, or even installing an incremental Android OS. This issue actually prevents you from going past the OEM logo on the startup screen.

Some of the devices may experience a slightly different problem, where their phones will get stuck in a boot loop and keep rebooting. What then should you do in such a situation? Here are some suggestions for you.

1: Force a Reboot (Android Phone Stuck on Boot Screen)

A force reboot can stop the loop if your Android smartphone is stuck on the boot screen or in a boot loop. It essentially restarts the device, but it accomplishes this through using hardware keys and brute force. You must figure out the key combination for your particular make and model. To force a reboot, for example, Samsung takes full Advantage + Volume Down button and OnePlus the Power + Volume UP button.

Once you’ve figured out the right mix, hold down both buttons for a solid thirty seconds or so until the phone shuts off and dies. After a little while, you ought to be able to use the power switch to restart the phone. If not, you have such a number of different troubleshooting alternatives to look into.

2: Launch Safe Mode

Your Android device’s Safe Mode is fundamentally a permanent secure place where all third-party processes and apps are terminated. You can check to see whether a third-party software led to the device being stuck in the boot loop as the settings on the phone are pretty much identical to their default ones. Using the instructions listed below, try doing this to try to fix the issue.

  • In order to enter the Turn Off menu, hold and hold the “Power Off” button for a brief amount of time. When the offer to enter “Safe Mode” displays, press “Yes” or “OK” to confirm.
  • Try uninstalling some recently downloaded games and applications from the laptop in the expectation that this may resolve the issue.
  • By only pressing the Power button, Safe Mode can be ended.

In Safe Mode, if the device functions normally, then there is a problem with the 3rd party apps. But if everything goes smoothly in this manner, you should absolutely be on the lookout for anything new. To attempt to fix the problem, use the appropriate troubleshooting techniques listed below.

3: Software Improvement [Android Phone Stuck on Boot Screen]

If you tried to upgrade to a newer version of Android’s firmware (which may have been a beta, incremental, or major upgrade), or if you were considering downgrading, you need to take preventative steps to fix an Android phone that is stuck on the boot screen.

The latest firmware must be obtained from your OEM’s website or other sources if you wish to upgrade to a newer version. In a similar vein, if you tried to downgrade, you will be required to upgrade to the most recent version in order to resolve the problem.

Upgrades from the SD Card may be done using the Recovery Mode. To use “Apply Update from ADB,” attach the smartphone to the PC and apply the ADB tools that have been installed on the computer. If you can somehow turn on the phone, you can instal new firmware by going to Settings >> About Phone and selecting the Software Updates option. Note that doing this might lead in the deletion of all user data, so be careful.

If you choose not to stick with Android OS or there is a problem loading one, you may flash a custom ROM on your device.

4: Delete the Cache Partition

Try wiping off the cache partition first, as it isn’t a really intrusive procedure, before you go all-in and hard reset the phone (see next approach). How to do it is shown below.

  • You may access the factory reset on your device by turning off the phone. Hold down Power + Volume Up or Power + Volume Down for a constant 30 seconds, according on the make and model.
  • Once you see the Android logo, let go of the keys to enter recovery mode.
  • Here, you must to select “Wipe Cache Partition” out from available options. Again, there isn’t a touchscreen, so choosing options requires using the power button in addition to the volume up/down keys.
  • In order to check if deleting the cache partition has any impact, select “Reboot system immediately.”

5: Perform a Hard Reset [Android Phone Stuck on Boot Screen]

There are several things you should be mindful of when conducting a hard reset. The data on the device will be totally demolished and gone, and unless you use a data recovery application, you won’t be able to restore the deleted data. Secondly, while it is frequently considered as one of the most efficient ways to resolve any problem relating to the computer program, any hardware-related problems necessitate the help of an expert. This is how a hard reset is accomplished.

  • Disconnect the phone.
  • Depending on the type and manufacture of your device, press and hold the Power + Volume Up or Power + Volume Down buttons simultaneously for 30 seconds.
  • The instant the phone reaches recovery mode, release both buttons.
  • Select “Wipe data/factory reset” if needed. Because you are unable to utilise a touchscreen, you must navigate and choose to use the volume up/down and power buttons.
  • The process will then start once you choose “Yes — erase all user data.”
  • When you finally choose “Reboot system now,” the problem of being stuck at the start screen should be solved.

6: Seek for expert assistance.

Here are a few ways to fix an Android phone that is stuck on the boot screen. You’ll need a professional to fix it for you if it breaks, though. It appears that carrying out extensive troubleshooting, like unlocking the bootloader and installing custom ROMs, among other things, can help solve the issue. You can seek support from a professional, such as a mechanic from an authorized service facility.

Closing Words

These are a few of the troubleshooting techniques you may employ if your Android phone is stuck in the boot loop or startup screen. Get assistance from people who can do it for you if any of the ways given here are too complex for you to handle.

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