Alcatel Apprise Slow Charging? Here are some tips fix it

Smartphone battery life is the most sought-after feature. Users of today are less likely to purchase a device if it has a smaller battery or takes a long time to charge. In this article, we will discuss the Alcatel Apprise’s slow charging issues and their solutions.

Reasons and solutions for Alcatel Apprise slow charging issues

We are unable to pinpoint a specific cause for the slow charging of your Alcatel Apprise. However, the following are the most prevalent explanations for such issues:

1. No fast charging facility available [ Alcatel Apprise slow charging issues ]

Always begin with the fundamentals whenever we encounter a difficulty. If your Alcatel Apprise isn’t charging as quickly as you expected, check to see if it supports fast charging.

However, if you are experiencing the issue on an older device that previously functioned normally, you can disregard this check.

2. Issues with the charging cable

We discovered that the problem was primarily with the charging cable rather than the phone itself in many instances of slow phone charging. Even if you have cable, one of the following could be causing you problems:

Broken cable: If your Alcatel Apprise is charging slowly, check the cable for any obvious problems. You should replace the damaged cable right away.

Cable not supported: When your Alcatel Apprise device does not support the cable, this is another common problem. Utilize the original cables that came with your smartphone at all times.

Fitting the cable wrong: This may occur with original cables after prolonged use. Even though we may not be able to see any damage in this instance, the cable is actually damaged. If your Alcatel Apprise charging cable is no longer securely fastened, you should replace it as soon as possible.

3. Issues with the charging adapter [ Alcatel Apprise slow charging issues ]

If the cable is in good condition, the adapter itself should be checked next, even if we can’t see the issue visually. Simply testing various adapters is the most effective method for determining this.

It’s best to switch out the old one if a different one is working fine. The original supported adapter from the official brand is always preferable.

4. Issues with the power source

The amount of output produced by the power source varies greatly. Your device will take longer to charge in a wall socket than it will in a laptop’s USB port.

Additionally, if two distinct wall sockets have distinct outputs, issues may arise. These issues can also be brought on by voltage swings or damage to the wiring. Therefore, you should verify that your Alcatel Apprise is charging by plugging it into a different outlet.

5. Damaged charging port [ Alcatel Apprise slow charging issues ]

The majority of gadgets have a delicate charging port that is small. To ensure that it lasts as long as possible, it needs to be handled with care. On the other hand, users frequently use chargers with too much force, which may damage the port.

So, even if you think the charger and power source are working normally, it’s best to have a professional look at them. It is not recommended to perform the repair yourself or at a service center without a license. Use only service centers that are officially recognized when you need your device fixed.

The accumulation of dirt may also have an impact on proper operation in addition to normal damage. In this instance, you might be able to clean the charging port on the Alcatel Apprise.

However, you should clean it with extra care because it is so delicate. Consider enlisting the assistance of an expert because cleaning the port could result in damage.

6. Aged or damaged battery

Alcatel Apprise will notify customers of a slow charging issue if there is a problem with the actual battery, which is yet another significant component issue.

The battery is old enough: Like your smartphone’s battery, your phone was not made to last forever. Your battery health is constantly deteriorating as you use your device, even though most of them won’t tell you. As a result, the battery’s performance can also be significantly affected by its age.

Taking your device to a licensed service center to have its battery replaced is the best option.

Battery failure: This included everything from water damage to the smartphone falling down a flight of stairs. It could result in a slow charging issue or something worse in any of these scenarios. So, officially replacing the original battery is the only way to get back to how things were before.

7. Higher screen time

Your Alcatel Apprise will take longer to charge the longer it is left open. Therefore, you are responsible for the slow charging issue if you continue to use your phone even when it is plugged in. To quickly charge the screen, always turn it off.

We hope that the responses to your questions about “Why my Alcatel Apprise is charging very slowly” and other questions of a similar nature were discovered.

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