[Updated] Ordered Poco M2 Pro but Flipkart sent a dummy phone instead?

[Updated] Ordered Poco M2 Pro but Flipkart sent a dummy phone instead?

Flipkart sent dummy phone

[ Ordered Poco M2 Pro but Flipkart sent a dummy phone | This story was originally published on December 11th 2020 & is last modified on December 13th 2020 ]

Flipkart is one of the most reputed and leading e-commerce company in India. But sometimes even big companies make a mistake. These days almost everyone likes to purchase an electronic gadget from online store instead of offline because they always provide great deals and fair pricing.

But in some rare cases we have also seen customer gets a wrong product at the time of actual delivery and today we’re here to discuss a similar one.


According to a tweet posted by Kshitij Pandey, he ordered Poco M2 Pro smartphone from Flipkart but instead they sent a dummy phone of Vivo Y91. This purchase was made on 2nd November 2020 but even after several complaints sadly Flipkart’s support team didn’t have resolved such an important issue.


Everyone makes mistakes but not responding to customer complaints could affect on the reliability of the brand.

We’re in touch with Kshitij and will surely update this story once the issue is resolved.

Update (December 13th): After struggling for 1 month finally Kshitij got the justice. Flipkart support team has now officially accepted the issue & agreed for the refund:


We’re glad to see The Mobile Query was helpful to Kshitij.

Disclaimer: Stories published on this website do not claim any specific device is bad or comes with a lot of issues (there is no perfect smartphone in the world). Our intentions are not to defame any brand, product or its services. The Mobile Query raises issues faced & claimed by users .

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