[Updated] Nokia 7.2 GPS not working after November/December update | Needs fix

[Updated] Nokia 7.2 GPS not working after November/December update | Needs fix

Nokia 7.2

Considering your privacy & security, Nokia’s Android devices have a good reputation of pushing regular software updates. But such updates are not always helpful to users, especially when they are not optimized well & comes with the number of bugs. Now, some users (or you can say several) are reporting that GPS is not working properly in their Nokia 7.2 mid-range smartphone.

This is happening after November/December 2020 (SW ID: 00WW_2_390) security patch update:


We did some research on this topic & found that there is a temporary solution to overcome from this Nokia 7.2 GPS not working issue. As per the suggestions from users on Nokia phones community, you have to turn your network from 4G to 3G & this problem will be fixed.

Nokia Mobile (HMD Global) should have to provide a permanent solution for such issues. We have reached to them via email & will update this article with company’s response.

Update (January 13th): Nokia Mobile support team has responded to us & suggested to perform a GPS test with below mentioned steps:

Step 1) Dial – star hash star hash 2019 hash star hash star.

Step 2) Now perform GPS test.

Step 3) If the test is pass, then we would request you to perform a factory data reset after taking proper backup of your data.

To perform Factory Data Reset follow below steps.
Go to settings >> system >> reset >> factory data reset >> reset >> done.

If the test is failed then you’ll need to visit the Nokia Mobile Care center nearest to you.

Disclaimer: Stories published on this website do not claim any specific device is bad or comes with a lot of issues (there is no perfect smartphone in the world). Our intentions are not to defame any brand, product or its services. The Mobile Query raises issues faced & claimed by users .

7 thoughts on “[Updated] Nokia 7.2 GPS not working after November/December update | Needs fix”

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    I have same problem. I got a lot of guidance from HMD support and other users. My problem seems to be solved with disabling Google Maps after clearing everything. Then setting Location Accuracy off. You can enable Google Maps, but you have to prevent updates for it.

    1. Team

      Привет, мы добавили в нашу новость ответ службы поддержки Nokia для мобильных устройств. Пожалуйста, проведите тест GPS и сообщите нам, работает он или нет.

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    Hi, I have a Nokia 7.2 mobile. Unfortunately, since the last update, my phone’s GPS has crashed and it can’t connect. I reset my phone to factory settings but nothing changed. This problem of not connecting to GPS is not just for me and other users all over the world have experienced this annoying problem. Please fix this big problem. I’m very upset about buying a Nokia phone because of the many bugs in the camera and GPS software.

    1. Team

      Hi Omid, we know this issue is for several users & that’s why we decided to raise your problem. We just hope that HMD will fix it fix upcoming software update.

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    Hi, I also had the GPS issue after December update. I tried solution which the first user suggested and it fixed the problem.

    – In App settings go to Google Maps and “Force Stop”, then “Clear Cache”, and “Disable”.
    – then go to settings/location/advanced/Google Location Accuracy, and turn it OFF
    – restart phone and re-enable Maps, it should work.

    You can also use Waze, which is a better alternative to Google Maps (in my opinion)

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