Is Realme 7 has terrible touch screen issue? Claims a video

Is Realme 7 has terrible touch screen issue? Claims a video

Realme 7 touch screen issue

[This story was originally published on November 4th, 2020 & is last modified on December 23rd, 2020]

If you’re thinking to purchase a new Realme 7 smartphone then this article is going to be very important. You might have heard before that self-driving cars are going to be future but today we’re talking about a self-driving smartphone. Ok jokes apart, let’s be serious. There are some users who owns Realme 7 and are facing terrible touch screen issue. We can also call it “ghost touch issue” which causes your smartphone’s display to operate automatically even if your device has put on a table.

If you don’t believe us, we have a video posted by Bharat Negi who is complaining to Realme about the same on Twitter:

Tweet: Realme 7 Touch Screen Issue

Normally, such problem can be solved with a a software update if it’s happening because of bugs. So, checking for a system update could be helpful. But if there exists a hardware issue (as mentioned by a user who posted above tweet) then you may need to visits the nearest service center authorized by Realme.

I’m not aware about how reliable is Realme in terms after sales service but do let us know about your experience in the comments section below.

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Update (December 23rd, 2020): Even after 1 and half month of publishing this article, Realme 7 users are still struggling with ghost touch issue:


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2 thoughts on “Is Realme 7 has terrible touch screen issue? Claims a video”

  1. Avatar

    It’s a good phone but there is some screen issues god knows if it hardware or software but there are some.And the company is not doing anything about it they should tell us what to as they are unable to resolve the issue.

    1. Team

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Aaditya. For now we can just hope that Realme will resolve this issue in the coming days/weeks.

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