Samsung Galaxy A50 hard reset problem | Here's a solution

Samsung Galaxy A50 hard reset problem | Here’s a solution


Previously we discussed about how to resolve auto restart problem occurred in Samsung Galaxy A50 & now we’ll see how to perform hard reset (aka factory reset) in the same device. What you have to do for resolving this issue is just follow our step by step instructions. But before doing that please note that hard reset will delete everything from your phone (including contacts, important documents, pictures, etc) so, we suggest you to take a back-up. In addition to this, we also suggested you to Decrypt your SD card (Only if you have encrypted it before) from settings.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Hard Reset Instructions

Visit Settings > General Management > Reset > Factory Data Reset > Swipe down & click on “Reset” > Enter Your Current Pin > Click on “Delete All” & that’s it.

When do you need to Reset your phone?

As long as you use your Android smartphone it stores some unnecessary extra files (Cache & etc) & that’s the your phone performs too slow. In such situations it becomes almost impossible to remove those files one by one manually but performing factory data reset can do that task automatically.

We hope this article was in resolving you problem, “How to hard reset my Samsung Galaxy A50?”


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