Here is why your Micromax IN Note 1 is not getting November 2020 update

Here is why your Micromax IN Note 1 is not getting November 2020 update

Micromax IN Note 1

Previously we reported that November 2020 security patch update has started to rollout for Micromax IN Note 1 owners but many users are complaining on social media platforms that their device is not getting it. They are stuck on September 2020 patch even after checking out manually for several times. Then after looking into this problem deeply, we found that whatever users are complaining is the truth.

We don’t want to comment on what other Website Or YouTube channel owners are doing. But we believe, it’s our responsibility to raise your issues & let you know what’s exactly going on.

Don’t Worry | Update is on the way

If you own a brand new Micromax IN Note 1 smartphone & worried about why your device is not getting latest software update then what we want to tell you is, just relax and keep some patience. Micromax India has officially confirmed that the latest update for Micromax IN Note 1 has recently started to rollout but not for everyone:


As you can clearly see in the above Tweet, update is currently rolling out only for review units of some Bloggers & Youtubers. As the latest update doesn’t only comes with security patch for November 2020 month but it also contains fix for multitouch, improvements related to carrier aggregation & front camera.

Now, Micromax will wait for some reviews to come from Youtubers & Bloggers. If everything looks fine then after few days same (or similar) update will be available for every IN Note 1 user across India.

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