Gcam for Redmi Note 9 | Better than default Camera App?

Gcam for Redmi Note 9 | Better than default Camera App?

Redmi Note 9

If you’re searching Gcam for Redmi Note 9 smartphone then this article is especially for you. We know that Redmi Note 9 comes with powerful quad rear cameras which includes 48MP main sensor. But the in-built Camera Application developed by Xiaomi needs some necessary improvements & that’s the reason users are looking for alternative of Camera App.

You can easily download & install Gcam for your Redmi Note 9 smartphone by just clicking here

The download link we provided above is for Gcam version 7.3. We can confirm it works very well with the Redmi Note 9 in terms of capturing high quality pictures. Once you install the App, just don’t forget to enable “HDR+ control” option for better results. You can enable it by visiting in the App’s Settings > Advanced.

You may find some issues if you’re trying to record videos using the same App. Except that everything works perfectly fine.

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