Battery percentage going down while charging Android phone? Top 3 reasons & best working solutions

Battery percentage going down while charging Android phone? Top 3 reasons & best working solutions

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In this article we’ll discuss why battery percentage going down while charging Android phone. Before we begin let me tell you, we’re assuming that your Charging Adaptor, Cable & charging port has no issues. If you think it may have issues then we suggest you check our this article where we have discussed reasons & solutions for slow phone charging issues.

Why battery percentage is going down while charging your Android phone?

Here are the possible reasons & solutions:

1] Your Smartphone has WiFi/Mobile data “Enabled

If your phone is connected with mobile data or Wi-Fi network while it is on charging then it may consume your battery in a large amount. Because you’ll continuously get notifications for your favourite Android Apps including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This isn’t a big problem if you’re using a newly purchased smartphone but normally if you have 3 or more years old device which usually doesn’t comes with the fast charging support then possibilities are more that you may face such issues like, “Battery percentage going down while charging Android phone.”

So, don’t forget to turn off your mobile data /Wi-Fi while connecting your phone to a charger.

2] Background Apps

We use our Android smartphone for gaming, entertainment, financial transactions & many more activities via dedicated “Apps” which are designed to perform a specific task. Do you clear your “Recent Applications” before connecting your phone to a charger. If not then it means all of your recent Apps are running in the background (some of them requires permission to access your Bluetooth, WiFi hotspot, Location, etc) & they are consuming your battery. So, click on the “Overview Button” & clear your recent apps.

You can find the “Overview Button” usually placed at the left/right side of your “Home/Menu button.” But in some smartphones running on Android 9.0 or more you’ll need to swipe up from Home (If you’re using gestures for system navigation).

3] Your phone’s Battery is too old

In this case you’ll need to visit the nearest authorised service centre where they will check if your phone’s battery is working fine or not. If we talk about smartphones before the year 2014-15 then they used to come with the removable batteries. At that time it was easy to check if your battery is damaged or not just by removing your phone’s back cover. But in 2020 almost each & every smartphone is coming with the non-removable battery & companies are doing this to save space which can give you a thinner device.

We hope you got the answer for your query, “Why battery percentage is going down while charging Android.”

In addition to this, if you find any other working tips to resolve this issue then don’t forget to tell us in the comments section.

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