Android camera flash not working issue? Top 5 best working solutions

Android camera flash not working issue? Top 5 best working solutions

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Using an Android phone for photography but camera flash is not working ? Don’t be panic because we did some research on this problem (Android camera flash not working) & found that you’re not alone if facing such issues during your phone’s camera is in action. But the most interesting thing is you can fix this problem by following our tips mentioned in this dedicated article.

Android camera flash not working issues | Top 5 Working Solutions

1] Is the flash physically damaged?

This is the first thing to check if you realise that the camera flash is not working in your Android smartphone because if your phone’s flash is physically damaged then you can only fix it by visiting the nearest authorised service centre. Take a close look at your phone’s flash & make sure if it’s perfectly alright. You can also check it by turning it on (like a torch) & off without entering into your Camera App. If it’s ok then you can try our next tip to activate it in the concerned App.

[Android camera flash not working issue]

2] Restart your phone

Yes, switching your Android smartphone off & then starting it again could solve many issues including why your camera flash is not working. Once your phone starts again wait for few seconds, open your camera & check if the flash is working. If you’re still facing the issue then try to implement our next step.

[Android camera flash not working issue]

3] Clear App Cache

What you have to do for clearing cache is just visit the Settings from your Android smartphone. Open Apps & Notifications. Then you need to select your default “Camera” App & select on Clear Cache. You’ll also find an option “Clear data” alongside it but never click on it because after that it will affect on the custom settings you did in the Camera App.

This is for smartphones running on stock Android (eg. Google Pixel Phones, Nokia, Motorola, etc). If your device comes with custom UI (eg. One UI for Samsung, Oxygen OS for OnePlus, MIUI for Xiaomi, etc) then you may find some little bit changes in the settings but that should not be a big a issue.

Once you clear App cache then open your Camera App & try to capture some great moments in low light conditions by turning on flash. It should have fixed camera flash not working issue of your Android smartphone. Is it still exists? If unfortunately your answer is “yes” then you can follow our next step.

[Android camera flash not working issue]

4] Check for System Update

Did you know that your Android phone’s camera flash might not be working because of some bugs present in your system? Yes, it could be possible & that’s the reason we suggest you to keep your phone always up-to-date. Just visit Settings & check for the system update. Most of the times latest system update fixes some critical bugs from your phone.

[Android camera flash not working issue]

5] Perform Factory reset

If you’re still reading this article, it means the above steps suggested by us are not working & camera flash of your Android smartphone is still a biggest issue for you. In such situations you can perform a factory reset but that will erase everything (including important files, images, contacts, etc) from your phone. So, make sure you have a complete back-up of your data before you do this.

Visit Settings > Search for “Factory reset” & clear all the existing data. After that your Android phone will work like a completely new device & we hope that will solve all of your issues related to camera flash.

[Android camera flash not working issue]

If you’re still facing issues then let us know what are your exact queries in the comments section below.

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